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New job, travel requirements and anxiety leaving child

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    I can’t get my hair, makeup, and shoes into a carry on bag, and i take 20 mins to get ready. I am so jealous of these talented packers.

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    I use to overpack but since I’ve been traveling a lot more, I’m able to pack a lot less. Color coordination helps me the most.

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    Color coordination is key. I bring 2-3 pairs of pants (usually black and if it’s just travel for one week I might bring pink red or blue pair). My “uniform” is cardigans and shells. Shells pack super easy. Basically things that don’t need to be ironed. I pick out 8-10 shirts, 4 coordinating cardigans maybe an extra pair of jeans and t-shirts for the weekend, a couple of pairs of shoes and I’m out. PJs, under things and done. I usually don’t bring workout clothes but you don’t need to bring gym clothes for every day, you can rinse anything super stinky in the sink. I also bring a travel bottle of febreeze for stinky clothes or slightly off hotel room smells.

    No one is paying enough attention to know if I’m wearing pair of black pants 1 or pair of black pants 2. No one cares if I wear the same sweater from one week to the next.

    On work trips, if people are changing before dinner, it’s always more casual. Or they don’t change at all.

    If it’s just me travelling for fun, that’s even easier because again… no one cares if I wear the same thing every day as long as it doesn’t smell or isn’t stained.

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    Oh and when I get to the hotel I unpack all of the work clothes, hang them up with shell and cardigan on same hanger and then the remaining shells. Usually in order of when I’m going to wear them that week. And then as I wear something that won’t be worn again, I just pack it away again.

    It sounds crazier than it is. I swear.

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    It doesn’t sound crazy it sounds organized! Not exactly one of my top ten…ok 20 skills 🤣. I guess part of my problems is I’ve built my wardrobe around dresses which don’t exactly mix and match. I may need to think about investing in a small travel wardrobe….

    Thanks for sharing your system Leslie!

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    I don’t wear dresses but dresses are easy, especially if they don’t wrinkle. 10 dresses should pack without issue into a carry on. Unless you match your shoes to the colors in the dress, a pair of black pumps and a metallic pump should work. Those DVF wrap dresses are super packable.

    Or you know put on the same black dress with a different cardigan, scarf, jewelry, etc. I can not imagine paying enough attention to anyone’s wardrobe to know if they are wearing the same thing day to day.

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    The husband and I invested in Away luggage. We have two of the smaller carry-ons and one medium size. The small carry-on FITS SO MUCH. It’s amazing. For example, I packed for 5 days for Thanksgiving and this is what I was able to fit in the carry-on:

    2 pairs of jeans
    1 pair of black leather spanx
    1 pair of workout pants
    3 shirts
    2 cashmere sweaters
    1 heavy fisherman cable sweater
    1 pair of shoes
    Bathroom items
    I had room for more in the bathroom items/shoes side if needed, like another pair of shoes or hair dryer… but I didn’t need either.

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    Yeah I would bring a roller bag that fits in the overhead bin and make sure you can get it thru security (no large liquid items). Bring it to the gate and try to get it on the plane with you. Worst-case, they’ll gate check it for free, and you know it’s on your plane.

    Then you pack stuff like: Black pants, a few tops or sweaters that coordinate with black, OR a few dresses and tights and accessories, a jacket, plus PJs, workout clothes, a business shoe. Wear your sneakers on the plane. Roll all your clothes and pack them neatly in the bag.

    Also get TSA pre-check so you can get thru security quick.

    It’s really not that bad once you get into a routine, and it will NOT mess up your relationship with your child.

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    While I only travel by plane every 4 months or so, husband and I are away for sporting events on road trips 50% of our weekends. I’ve gotten really good at packing.

    My advice: packing cubes. Serious life savers. Saves you from having to unpack everything if you are travelling from place to place as you can organize clothes that go together in cubes. I usually have a workout cube (the largest when we travel for races), regular clothes, and undergarments cubes. If travelling for work I have a workout cube, work clothes, casual clothes, undergarments cubes.

    Also, invest in a few nice pairs of really sturdy but nice looking shoes.

    And keep a travel toiletry kit stocked that you don’t unpack. I have a deodorant, hair brush, hair ties, tooth brush, tooth paste, moisturizer, make up remover, and a few select small make up items (bronzer, concealer, mascara, blush, eyebrow pencil) ready to go. All I have to do is add a few more make up items (foundation (if any), eye lash curler (i really should just invest in a second one), eye shadow palette, and lipsticks (these change with event and season so I don’t keep them in there regularly)) and I’m good to go.

    As someone who had a working mom, showing your daughter that you can be a mom AND have a successful career is a great thing, especially if your career gives you joy and makes you feel good. If you are into instagram and social media, there are some really cool women out there who talk about juggling work and family. I follow evachen and witanddelight for their creative and fashion content, but they also are super real about being a working and travelling mom. I’m sure there are many more out there.

    Working through this new work and family balance anxiety with your therapist might also help you give some more tools in your toolbox. It sounds like you have such a lovely support system for you and your daughter.

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    OP, a lot of your fears regarding the bond with your daughter, your role/responsibility as a working mother, etc are misplaced. However, if you reiterated multiple times that 2-4 weeks a year was the absolute most you could afford to travel, and you’re now facing 6+ weeks per year, I think it is appropriate to check in with your direct supervisor, or perhaps the individual who did the hiring.

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