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    Can’t speak to all places but Canada and EU have stronger privacy rules than in the US. But any corporation would have “need to know” rules in place. A typical manager does not need to know if you have bad credit unless, as I said, you have access to financial accounts.

    I had a colleague fail a client issued drug test (part of the standard background check to get network access) and they simply said to our HR person “yeah, she can’t have access and she can’t work on the project anymore” and that’s it. My colleague told me she failed the test.

    And just in case people were wondering – I just moved her to another project and she was able to pass her next drug test. It won’t be held against her. I told her if she wants to work in our industry, drug tests are normal protocol for our clients so she’d best not partake.

Viewing 13 post (of 13 total)
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