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    Hi everyone, I will be short my little brother only has about 2 to 3 friends and I often see alone and a little lonely but I can’t do anything about that because our age gap is pretty big.
    I often think about it and feel sad and bad what should I do to make myself feel better or help him?

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    2 or 3 friends isn’t bad. I probably have 3 friends and the rest are acquaintances. How old is your brother? Even with an age gap you can be a big part of your brother’s life. You can spend time with him and introduce him to hobbies and experiences that might lead to a fuller life. Has he told you that he’s lonely or lacking friends? He might be ok with his social life. Some people prefer to keep their circle small

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    Well, how does your brother feel? Does he want more friends, or is he pretty content with his social life.

    Everyone is different. Some people are happy with a more solitary life, with just a few friends. There’s nothing wrong with that, not everyone wants to be a social butterfly.

    Of course, there are people who *do* want a more lively social life, and struggle to make and keep friends.

    It sounds like *you* want your brother to have a more active social life, but does he?

    Even if he does, there’s only so much you can do. Be a loving, kind sister, invite him along on occassion when you’re off to do things with others. I know you say there’s an age gap, but you could probably still include him once in a while. But at the end of the day you can’t make friends for him.

    But, he may be perfectly content with the way things are, and that’s fine too.

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    How many friends do you have? Why is 3 too few, in your mind? Why not drop the desire to fix his life for him and just be a good big sister? Put effort into your relationship with him. Do your friends have siblings his age? Don’t pity him because you have the opinion that he doesn’t have enough friends.

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    2-3 friends is absolutely plenty if they are good friends, people with a smaller closer group of friends often have a fine time in life, were I you I wouldn’t worry. 2 great friends who really get you and are there for you are waaaaay better than 14 who might gang up on your any minute. If you think he is having the odd lonely moment, why not spend some time with him, you’ve got many years of being siblings ahead of you, put in the time now and reap a close relaxed easy relationship later with lots of daft/poignant memories to share..these come in super-handy later in life.

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