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Dear Wendy

None of my friends showed up tonight, and then they basically laughed in my face

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    I’ve been keeping it incident-free for a while.

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    I hope so.

    When I was in high school, we smoked weed in a field or in a car. Somewhere it would not be smelled by adults. When we were a little older, there were certain people’s houses where you knew it was fine to smoke.

    After middle school, you didn’t want to go to a party where adults were around anywhere near (unless it was someone’s “cool mom” who dgaf. My friend’s mom bought us wine coolers at BJ’s and rented us a house at the beach ffs.) So, what would be highly valued would be a house where the parents were away and there was booze.

    If you can’t go back to your condo bc your mom’s there, and the pool is not private, that’s not a scenario these kids would find conducive to partying. They don’t just want pizza and chips.

    Look, I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but that’s the obvious issue.

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    By the time you are a senior in high school you usually can’t change your social position. You only have one more semester so start looking ahead to next year.

    For now continue to be a nice person. No hustles, no crude jokes, no tough act, but don’t expect the way people see you to change much at all. It takes a long time to change the opinion of people who have known you for years.

    Go to college as the new, more mature Hunter and make friends at college. Almost everyone arrives at college needing to make friends and so it is one of the easiest times to make new friends you will have in your life. You get to start fresh in college. You have no past that will overshadow everything.

    In the meantime hang out with your high school friends when invited. If they laughed at you they aren’t actually friends.

    Now is the time to be applying to college for next year. Have you been looking into that? Do you know what your preferred school wants? Spend more time focusing on getting out of where you now live. You need a long term goal and a long term plan to help reach that goal. Figure out how you can pay for college. What options do you have? I’m guessing you won’t have much or any financial support from your family. If that’s you situation look into community colleges to help with the first two years of school. Even in a community college you can have a fresh start and make new friends while getting the education that will help you to live an independent life where you won’t feel the need for hustles. Definitely talk to your high school guidance counselor. One of their biggest jobs in a high school is to help you get into college. That’s what they spend most of their day doing.

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    If at all possible, I feel like you’d be good at community college in another town, living in like a quad apartment with some guys.

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    You only called one person to check and see where they were? Did they know your landline number? Because I generally don’t answer unless I know the number. Was this at your house? Because drinking underage at a public pool at your condo is probably not a good idea. I don’t know who exactly- probably your mom!- would be held liable if someone called the cops. She could be charged with furnishing alcohol to minors, maybe even evicted, too. Please think these things through before you plan them.

    I’m sorry your friends didn’t show up, Hunter. That really sucks. I do get the feeling you’re trying too hard. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and just focus on school and graduating.

    Next time, wait until your guests arrive before you order a ton of food.

Viewing 5 posts - 13 through 17 (of 17 total)
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