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Not getting hours at work.

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    I’m a university student and I have a summer job at a golf course. When I was hired, I understood that I would be working full time. For the first two months, I worked 4-5 shifts per week. However, the past three weeks, my hours have suddenly been slashed. I have suddenly only been scheduled for two shifts per week, and I have one shift next week.

    I am feeling really concerned because I am going back to university in September (I go away for school) and won’t be able to stay on until October when the course closes. Additionally, I am one of my only co workers who goes to school away from home, they all go to university in town. Yet the same three people who go to school in town keep getting all the shifts. The only other person who gets 1-2 shifts per week is someone who isn’t available all the time because they are an athlete who attend golf tournaments. I’m available all the time…?

    Should I talk to my boss about this? She does the scheduling and I am nervous because she is kind of intimidating. What should I say? Why might my hours be slashed? I am a productive worker who pays attention to detail. I just don’t understand.

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    I would first confirm what the signed contract stated, if it does indeed say full time hours, then yes do talk to them. You didn’t agree to work if that is the case for part time hours. The job is not keeping up their end of the contract.

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    If you have a question about your work hours, then you should certainly ask. You can just say that you noticed your hours have been decreasing and that you wondered why and if there’s anyway to increase them again. And if you do have some sort of agreement in writing, I’d recommend bringing that. As long as you’re respectful, then there shouldn’t be harm in asking — the answer will either be that they can’t increase your hours or that they can.

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    I wonder if your manager is trying to keep the local kids happy because she’ll need them in September and October. When I waited tables in my hometown over the summer, the servers who weren’t going back to college in the fall always got first dibs on shifts. Because I had an expiration date, I was more expendable. Which was reasonable.
    It can’t hurt to ask and express your wish to pick up more shifts. If it seems like it’s not going to happen, you could try to find another part-time job to fill in the gaps. The golf course should know they can’t keep people if they’re offering so few hours.

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    It sounds like your manager has favorites, and you aren’t one. It could definitely be because they’re local. It could also be because she’s taken a dislike to you for whatever reason or doesn’t think you’re as strong an employee as the others.

    I think you should ask. “Hi Karen, do you have a couple minutes? I noticed I have two shifts scheduled this week and one next week. The thing is, I understood this was a full time job when I signed on, and I really love the job and enjoyed working 4-5 shifts. Did I understand incorrectly, or has something happened? Is there something about my work you think I can improve? I would really welcome feedback if so.”

    Something like that. If nothing comes of it, I’d look for other work. I feel like cutting someone’s hours is often a way to get them to leave.

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