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Not sure if I have crush on my best friend?

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    I’ve never met someone with who i feel so comfortable with and who i can talk to withouth any filter

    Though I’ve never had a proper crush before and, as dumb as this may sound, am really out of touch with my emotions and have trouble recognising what I’m feeling. So I’m not sure if i genuinely like them or just like the attention??

    I feel dumb having to ask strangers on the internet about this but don’t think i can talk to anyone about this. I’m a lesbian so i don’t think I’d get a good response to that.

    Anyways, we’ve gotten really close, like cuddling and telling eachother how much the other person means to us but hah, I’m not sure if this means anything?? My best friend is a pretty open person so I’m really not sure. Though they think that they’re probably aromantic so i don’t really expect much even if i told them, i just worry that I’d make things uncomfortable.

    Again, I’ve never trusted anyone this much, and I’m a really closed off person so telling anyone anything is hard to happen. I’ve learnt a lot from them and we have a great mutual understanding. But uh.. Again, I’m not sure if my brain just likes the attention or if i genuinely like them. Cuz it’s happened before that i thought i might like someone just because they’ve been talking to me more haha. But that wasn’t the case with my friend until recently?
    I’m just really confused haha

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    You want to tell people…what, exactly? That you *might* like them? You aren’t sure of your feelings so the best thing is to not do anything right now.

    Wait and see is often a good course of action.

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    From my experience, when you have a crush, you know it.

    There have been times were I’ve wanted a boyfriend but not had any one in particular I was interested in, and some guy I knew would be really into me so I’d tell myself “well maybe I could like him if I tried…”

    It never worked out…my feelings never really changed and then I’d have to dump the poor guy.

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    Also if you’re quite certain your friend doesn’t want to date you (or anyone) and you’re not sure if you’ve want to date them either, just stop stressing and enjoy whatever this is. A close friendship that has a lovely amount of emotional and physical affection.

    If you begin to feel romantic or sexual feelings will go from there i guess, but no need to hunt for feelings that may not be there particularly if you’re sure they will be unreciprocated.

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