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    My BF and I are visiting NYC (his second, my first) in early April. We have a pretty comprehensive list of places to visit, but are now looking for food/restaurants!

    We are keeping the trip pretty low budget, visiting the free sites and avoiding the tourist traps (ie empire state building). We like all types of food and are pretty open to trying new things. We are most likely doing mostly dinners out for the 3 full days we are there (plus two half days with the flight). But of course snacks along the way so opportunities to try smaller shops. We don’t drink a whole lot, so bars/pubs/cocktail places aren’t on our radar.

    If anyone has some hole in the wall or favorites that wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg I would be very appreciative! We are staying in the Bronx, near the community college just on the other side of Manhattan. SO easy access to the subway and will be spending most of our time on the island based on the sites we want to see.


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    Seriously – what are your plans and what kinds of food do you like? There are some great places but I don’t want to be like “OK, you’re in the Bronx so here’s a place in Astoria you’ll love because it will take you like an hour on the subway to get there and if you’re there for a weekend, you don’t want to spend hours on the subway.

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    A vast majority of the places we are visiting are on Manhattan, spread across it north to south (East Harlem to Lower Manhattan). We are staying in the Bronx, but it is really just a place to sleep. Aside from Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge we probably won’t be venturing onto Long Island. I have linked our google maps of the places we have listed. We are planning to whittle it down in the upcoming week. But gives a sense of where we are looking.

    As I mentioned we are open to anything food wise (Chinese, Japanese, pastry places, european, etc). So I am leaving that as an open book.

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    If you are willing to hike out to central Brooklyn, I highly, highly, highly recommend Cafe Tibet, a tiny little family-run restaurant, in the Ditmas Park neighborhood. Get the momos.

    It’s literally right next to the Q Train Cortelyou Road stop.

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    Vanessa’s Dumpling House FTW!!
    I’ve only been to the original location on Eldrige. It’s completely amazing and super cheap! Like, you’ll be stuffed with maybe $5 worth of food. I strongly suggest the scallion sandwich.

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    Thanks ladies! I have these added to my list

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    If you like doughnuts: The easiest one for you to go to would be the flatiron location.

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    I used to go to NYC a few times/year to see my sister before she moved. I always got a hot chocolate and a marshmallow at City Bakery. You can easily split a small one because it’s very rich!

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    This is more West Harlem but Amy Ruth’s is delicious soul food! I love XO Kitchen for dimsum in Chinatown. Hidechan Ramen in Midtown. Noodle Pudding in Brooklyn Heights for Italian (the butter and sage gnocchi is to die for). There’s so many good places in the city.

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    Thanks! We are going to be sorting the planning out this weekend, will update on what places we choose 🙂 My dads friend is also from NYC and he ended up providing us a very comprehensive list of places. Very helpful as well

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    My best friend’s just moved back to NYC this very week… so I am plotting a late spring visit. Take the ferry to Staten Island. It’s free! And the views are epic.

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    avatarDear Wendy

    I just randomly ran into Cleopatra on her visit to Brooklyn today. Hi, C! Thanks for saying hi, and I hope you and your boyfriend enjoy the rest of your trip!

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