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    A few weeks ago it was Sunday and I wanted to go somewhere for dinner and ive never been to Olive Garden so I told my boyfriend I wanted to go there. He was playing madden on xbox and didn’t really want to go out, so I said i’d go by myself, it was fine. I really wanted the lasagna classico for some reason. Well I googled it and the closest olive garden is like 10 miles away and it’s in a bad area. My boyfriend is a state trooper, and he didn’t want me to go there alone, so he said hed come with me i said he didn’t have to but he insisted. He kept saying it was the ghetto and not safe and i was like it’s fine i kno where it is. So he drove me there, but the whole way he was bitching about it and I was like, maybe this was a bad idea, but at this point were both hungry, and I still wanted my lasagna. So we get there, and it’s fine, it’s in like a big outdoor mall, i mean its not the best part of town but its not dangerous imo. So there were about 100 people mainly families waiting for tables and obviousy we are not gonna get seated, so we go to the bar. My boyfriend wasn’t really talking to me and i was like what’s wrong, but he was just really quiet I coulcd tell he was mad. So we get our food and it’s not that good, nothing like the commercials and we didn’t get bread sticks and they didn’t have a salad bar like i thought. I said I was sorry, but he was still mad. Things haven’t been the same since then, he’s defanatly ben more distant, takes a while to text me back, doesn’t really initiate texts, and hasn’t slept over since then. I apologized and he said it was fine but I don’t think it’s fine. What should I do?

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    I’m sorry for the typos, it was my phone. If it helps, we’ve been together over a year and I am 48.

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    Avatar photoFirestar

    No, you’re not.

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    First, you’re not 48. It’s fine that you want to be anonymous but go with an age in 2-3 years of your real age.

    Now if I’m mistaken and you’re really are 48…Holy Hell, woman! How old is your boyfriend? 12? Cause seriously, no grown man over the age 30 should be playing Madden, OR put out that his girlfriend doesn’t want to sit around the house watching him play a video game.

    Next, tell your 12 year old boyfriend that saying some place is ‘ghetto’ is a shitty stereotype that he shouldn’t be using as an officer of the law. STOP using it to refer to areas that are poverty stricken or have people of color.

    Then dump his ass cause if taking his girlfriend to Olive Garden (like seriously, Olive Garden?) is an imposition then he shouldn’t date anyone. And you seriously need to get higher standards for a relationship.

    That’s not a put down, that’s just keeping it real. Don’t let any man treat you like an afterthought, especially in your own house.

    Oh, and speak up at a restaurant when you don’t get the food that you are promised that’s a part of the meal.

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    The first problem is thinking Olive Garden is going to taste good at all. I’d question anyone’s judgement after that idea.

    I’m quite sure something else is going on. Maybe he is just tired of you. Not to be rude or say you have done anything wrong but people get tired of other people. Maybe he was annoyed and that just pushed him over the edge.

    Oh and for sure no on being 48.

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    Avatar photoGuy Friday

    Cause seriously, no grown man over the age 30 should be playing Madden

    Hey now. I’m over 30 and play Madden. It’s not like I play it all the time or for hours in a sitting, but Madden 17 lets me play a whole game in about 20 minutes, so what’s wrong with playing it now and again?

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    My over 30 boyfriend plays NCAA. And almost always against friends or his son. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

    On the flip side at 18 my boyfriend then played hours and hours of Final Fantasy. Like…we’re talking 10 hours at a time. That’s not good for ANYONE.

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    Oh yeah. And you’re not 48. Are you under 18 and your boyfriend over? Dump him, he sounds awful.

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    Fine for a man over 30 to play video games. NOT fine for a man over 30 to prioritize video games over relationships. Not acceptable for anyone to do that with the exception of professional gamers (which is still mind boggling).

    The bitching, the racist language, the cold shoulder… absolute and total deal breakers.

    You didn’t demand he go to dinner – he made that choice. He’s an ass – you’re better off with out him.

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    @Guy Friday, my bad.
    I should have clarified that to read, ‘no grown man over the age of 30 should spend copious amounts of time playing Madden.’

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    Avatar photoCopa

    If this isn’t a fake post, dump him.

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    @Janelle, seriously! The title of this post just made me laugh. But then again, I live in an area where there are tons of Italian restaurants, all of which are better than Olive Garden. I hope the LW lives in an area with a lack of Italian restaurants.

    On a more serious note, LW, beware of dating guys who don’t want to go out because they’re playing video games. I had an ex like that, and 80% of the time I’d hang out and be on the Internet or read while he was playing video games. He often said he didn’t feel like going out, or would make excuses when we were supposed to meet up with friends.

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