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    Those lies are significant, plus she omitted pertinent information which seems manipulative. She should have told you she was in a relationship when you met and she definitely should have been upfront about the fathers of her children, especially since she was married to one of them. Why conceal that if later on it will be discovered? If I were in your shoes I’d enter couples therapy with her and let the therapist assist you in evaluating if she’s a good match for you. A couples therapist will be able to get to the bottom of her lying and will be able to tell you if she’s capable of stopping that behavior or not.

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    Seems like you expect a lot from a couples’ therapist. I doubt what you expect is even ethical behavior for a therapist.

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    This is assuming she won’t also lie to the therapist, which tons of people do.

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    I think it’s a case of her needing private therapy. I don’t think couples therapy is need and I also don’t think he should be directly involved in that process.

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    How would he know if she even went to therapy? He’s writing in, and although I agree she is the person who needs help, she is not asking for it. You have to want therapy to take it seriously and work on yourself.

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    The repeated/chronic lying is his partner’s issue to manage. He can’t make her go to therapy, he can’t make her want to do the work. I agree she likely has some deep insecurity issues, but again, that’s on her.

    I don’t blame LW for being uneasy about a partner who has a pattern of lying.

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    Hi! PLEASE get out of there. I had a small lie and big lie telling ex and I had to constantly play detective. I had no sense of security in the relationship because I had to second guess everything. Multiple lies, big or small are A MAJOR RED FLAG. and if they do it shamelessly and effortlessly- don’t walk. RUN.

Viewing 7 posts - 13 through 19 (of 19 total)
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