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Dear Wendy

Passions VS School and stability

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    Wow thank you all so much. I started University last week and although it makes me super anxious, I’ve been doing really well. I even bought my textbooks (rip, those were expensive as heck). Thanks for helping me feel better about going into university, I’m quite excited (still anxious though, not gonna lie, the bad feelings are lingering a bit) to get my education while trying to pursue my passions.
    In addition, I never considered how theatre and acting would leave an impact on my future professions. I definitely see how it can help with thinking on the spot and confidence. Thanks for bringing that up! I find that super cool.
    Hoping it all works out. When I posted this, I was upset that I could not just jump into the profession that I wanted to be doing (acting) and I felt like I would have to force myself through school instead. Now, I’m trying to remember that everything happens for a reason and that maybe my plan is different than I was hoping, and that’s okay.
    Thanks again, wishing you all the best. You guys helped me through my panicking stage and it sounds cheesy but this is something I’ll always remember. May we meet again!!

Viewing 13 post (of 13 total)
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