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Past trauma caused by partner, can’t stop ruminating

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    Sorry to say, but this isn’t complicated. It’s obvious, this relationship isn’t something worth fighting for. Leave, save yourself, and I’ll give you a small piece of advice going forward in life: Believe it when people show you who they are. This guy has consistently been a douchebag to you, that means he truly IS a douchebag. Don’t search for the reasons why people do what they do, listen to yourself instead and let the effect of their actions lead you. Trust the hurt you’re feeling now and use it as your own reason to want something better and someone better by your side. Good luck.

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    NEWSFLASH: If your feelings are “hurt” because everybody is here telling you to leave a rather obvious jerk… well, then —- really —- there is, sadly, simply not much we can do to help…

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    Your bf is abusive and treats you very badly, yet for some reason you are clinging to him You claim the problem is his crazy ex and his need to see his kids, whom she controls. You say nothing in a very long post to suggest that his ex actually is crazy. If he is the father of these kids and doesn’t have a clear legal strike against him (criminal conviction, a judge-aprroved final protection order from his ex for violence toward her or the children) then the court should grant him at least visitation, if not joint custody. You just believe everything he says regarding how awful the ex is, despite finding evidence which strongly suggests he is still sleeping with her. You say you are a well above average attractiveness, over a decade younger than him woman, who is abused and shown no love by him. Yes, you are crazy to stay in this situation. part from saying he’s been better the past two months, you really have nothing good to say about him. If you do the right thing and leave him, it is 100% certain that he’ll be telling his new woman that you are his second crazy ex.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)
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