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Please Help. I’m being bullied

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    Can someone please give me some advice on what to do please.

    I used to be friends with this girl we’ll call Mandy. Me and Mandy met in 7th grade at her little sister’s birthday party (in which I accompanied my little sister because she’s very shy). We quickly got along and I thought we would be friends at school. But when I would walk past her, she acted like I didn’t exist.

    Fast Foward to freshman year. Her mother tells my mom to make me be friends with her because she has no friends and is supposedly having a bad time. I’m a nice person, so I gave her another chance and we were friends for a little while until we both got top ten in our school. It seemed like she realized we were equal academically and she began to be rude to me. She would talk shit about my interests, not let me be friends with other people, be a bitch to me, tell me my personal problems were nothing when I was going through some stuff, and would ignore my texts for weeks while she messaged some other girl on the daily (I saw proof).

    I do admit that after she began to be rude to me, I was rude back, but our friendship really ended when she was absent from school. She had been talking about depression and suicide a lot on the daily, so me and our other friend assumed she wasn’t okay. So I texted her If she was okay and maybe five minutes later, our other friend texted her as well. She responded to the other friend almost immediately and responded to my text after school and basically said I was an asshole.

    I was done at this point so I stopped talking to her and our friend And maybe a few weeks later, I get a text saying that she wants to “talk it out” but she needs time to get her thoughts together and she will write me a letter about it. I responded that she wasn’t the only one who needed time and I didn’t text her after that.

    About a week later, her mom delivers the letter to my little sister and leaves without a word. Maybe two hours later, I get home as I was at the store with my mom. I read the letter and it basically says how I’m an asshole who did this, this, and this to her. I was in shock as she and her mom just delivered this “fuck You” letter to my house and thought it was okay to do that. Nonetheless, I wrote her back a very formal and kind letter explaining my side of the story, as I was taught not to be a total cunt.

    I give her the letter at school and I slowly begin making friends with other people who care about me.

    But, the thing is, we were in the same choir and one day she sat down right in front of me and began to flirt with this guy I used to really, really like whom she told me not to talk to because he was “probably a disugusting serial killer”. She would fake laugh and glance back at me. Then, she began to stare at me and even would follow me around school to my classes (probably because no one wanted to be friends with her because all she does is talk shit about people).

    Now fast forward to this year. When we were friends, she told me that she was Lesbian and would shame me and tell me I was disgusting when I said a guy was cute or liked someone. But now, she’s Dating the guy I used to like. As well as she’s telling people that I’m a homophobe who called her a Dyke and is talking shit about me to only my friends. She’s even faking a leg injury (with the use of a walker) in which she acts like her legs are broken in choir, when she runs past me in the hallways. She continues to stare at me and even attempts to listen into my conversations with my friends on the daily.

    What should I do? Because I’m pretty sure she has already reported me as the choir teacher used to like me and now hates my guts. ( I haven’t done anything to make her hate me anyways).

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    I’m not sure this is bullying. Just a bitch who is deeply insecure. Completely ignore her. Only way she will ever stop.

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    Have your mom call the choir teacher and tell them what is up. Speak to your guidance counselor. They can keep an eye on things, possibly.

    Ignore her. Stay away from her. Don’t be rude, be neutral if she does talk to you. Or be overly nice and freak her out.

    Just pretend she doesn’t exist. And don’t walk around depressed or mopey. The best revenge is looking good and being happy.

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    What is with that mother though?! Damn. I’m pretty sure that’s where most of your former friend’s batshittery came from.

    I agree the best thing you can do is ignore her. If she starts lurking around listening just move away, stop staring back, stop engaging in any way and she’ll get bored. She may very well be struggling with some identity issues, it’s not the first time I’ve seen someone be a total jerk while they were figuring stuff out but it doesn’t give her the right to be mean to you. I wouldn’t worry about the choir teacher, just continue being a good kid and that should blow over. I’m sure your choir teacher doesn’t believe all that leg nonsense unless she’s SUPER dumb. And if she is? No loss to you. At the most just let your mother know what’s going on so if the other girl’s mother starts stepping in you can have some backup.

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    I would do what anonymousse told you. Refer this attitude to the choir teacher and to the school, through your parents. Don’t let it pass.
    As for the letter, this is a life lesson: don’t ever answer to such letters.

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    Yeah – this isn’t bullying so much as it is she’s an insecure teenager.

    Focus your energy on your friends and school work. Don’t talk shit about her. Don’t talk shit about anyone – if there is one lesson I hope you get from this – gossip travels fast and has a way of blowing up in your face.

    Living life well is the greatest revenge.

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    If you must reply, because let’s be honest, sometimes you just can’t take it, just laugh at her and walk away. She won’t feel she’s getting to you as you aren’t expressing anger and she will see what a joke she is acting like.

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    Bacon Mistress

    Ignore her. Stop taking her calls and texts. Act like she doesnt exist at school. And if you see her mom coming with a letter, yell at her through the window to GROW UP and stay out of her teenagers drama.

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    I agree with everyone but I mean your tone and choice of words doesnt make you seem so innoscent either. It makes you sound like your a little bitch too.

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    Ya being a bitch back just fuels her. I totally get sometimes it’s easier said than done when someone is being awful to you. It just doesn’t solve the problem. She clearly wants a reaction for some reason.

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    Yes. Ignore her. Be the bigger person, too.

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    I agree to be the bigger person and show her by ignoring her that she isn’t getting to you. @poppy calling this kid a bitch is shitty imo, and it’s you’re not your. This isn’t an adult you’re replying to, even if it were an adult, telling someone they’re a bitch because they’re tired of being picked on and responds as such is not constructive

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