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pool insecurity dilemma

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    Right. Compare the word/babble counts in your deluded, long winded, repetitive rants versus mine and tell me once again who has nothing going on in the real world, L’il Miss Overposter…

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    Definitely go to the pool party with your friends and have a good time. It’s good he was honest with you about his insecurities. Also, what makes you think anything will change in the summer? I’m betting he will still feel insecure about going to the pool. Don’t feel like you need to be attached to your boyfriend’s side all the time – that is an unhealthy relationship!

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    You go to the party. You tell him you wish he would come but understand that he doesn’t want to.
    And then you tell him giving you ultimatums and trying to control what you choose to do is not on and not the way to have a supportive relationship. You aren’t forcing him to attend and you sure as hell aren’t allowing him to force you not to. Being supportive is I support your decision you made for yourself…not I support your decision you made for me. Fuck that every which way till next Tuesday.

Viewing 3 posts - 25 through 27 (of 27 total)
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