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    So, the company I work for is closing the location I work at. They have built a new location that is opening in a couple months in another town. All employees can transfer if they want to, not everyone is, but I am. One of my co-workers is a women who I’ll call Jane. She also wants to transfer to the new location and has asked me to be her roommate so that we both could save some money. I am keen on the idea of saving some extra money, that’s always a good thing. However, I have a few concerns. One concern I have is that I am a man and she is of course a woman. I know this is likely nothing to worry about, but for some reason I feel kind of awkward with the idea of roommating with a woman. In a strange way it makes me feel kind of vulnerable. What do you guys think? There is also one other concern I have which is definitely a major concern to me. Jane has just recently filed for divorce from her husband of 30+ years and is now asking me to be her roommate in another town. This makes me feel really uneasy about the situation. In fact, one part of my brain is screaming NO while the other is seeing all that extra money I’m going to save. Please help me make up my mind.

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    I think it’s a horrible idea. Don’t blur the lines between home & work. Divorcing after 30 years? You could wind up being her therapist every evening or she could get clingy and want to be with you 24/7. Everything about this arrangement is messy & has the potential to impact your career. Find a different roommate

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    NOPE. Nope right out of there and find a different roommate if you want to save some money. Not someone you work with.

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    Jesus no.

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    I have to agree with the others, it’s not a good idea. The fact she’s a woman and you’re a man is not the reason. Some of my best roommate situations were with male roommates. There seems to be less drama. But, I’ve lived with a co-worker before, and it sucks. There is nothing worse than having your home life and work life that intertwined. It feels like you never get a break from either your roommate or work. It’s very possible it would be fine, but I don’t know if it’s worth the risk. If it’s a big enough city, you would likely do better finding a random roommate.

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