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    Thats sucks but don’t worry prom is so small compared to everything else in life. The thing about highschool is you have no choices. Then after highschool the world is open to you. You can go anywhere do anything, all it takes is money, friends and a little luck. Even then a good friend of mine started with $5000 yet he spent it on the ironyard, learned to program on computers, and after a year he had enough money to quit his job and go to college.
    Basically, dont worry about it, cause highschool sucks sometimes but if you keep your heart and head open, everything afterwards is amazing.

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    I have an idea. If a date feels mandatory for you then take him and ditch him at the door. I have been to more than one dance where I didn’t spend much time at all with a date. For my Prom we went in a group of 16. There were couples in terms of an even number, but we all just moved as a group so a date really wasn’t a date.

    I also went to a different prom invited “as a friend.” It was clear we were not the same page with expectations (he wanted more, I refused) so he spent the night with his friends and I hung out mostly on my own and people watched. I think you can arrive together and leave together but have fun with others in between.

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    Honestly can you blame him? You asked him to prom, then when he didn’t respond in a timely manner, you retracted your offer. Him taking that long in itself is not cool, but then you retracting your offer isn’t either. I think you should cut him some slack, he is probably feeling like you are giving him a pity invite after you told him to forget it and to revisit it later. I personally wouldn’t feel like talking or wanting to go with you if this happened to me.

Viewing 3 posts - 13 through 15 (of 15 total)
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