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    The difference here is that your husband never TOLD you he could watch you through those devices. It wasn’t an agreement between the two of you.
    He’s got issues. Big issues.

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    @FYI-I think she might have known he could see who was at the door using the surveillance system but she didn’t like that he was watching her for fun. Probably the same with the Alexa if he dropped in more than once. Even if they had a discussion and he said he wouldn’t do it anymore, I think it spooked her that he might have been watching her before he commented or that he thought it would be a good idea at all. I think she doesn’t trust him not to lurk through the devices because they have very different ideas about that being okay. Maybe not though.

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    I just about did a spit take at the idea of wiping a dog’s penis after peeing. Millions of years of evolution and dog’s somehow survived without wiping their penis.

    Also – who has that kind of free time? Dog’s pee like every 30 seconds.

    Also – gross. The pee thing and pretty much everything else.

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    I mean we have Ring as well and I have the ability to watch my husband while he’s home and I’m still at work. I just never, ever do. Because it’s weird and a violation of his privacy. None of this is normal. He’s got serious problems and he needs a lot of years of help before he can be a functioning partner if he ever gets there at all. Please do yourself a huge favor and gey out of there now. Find someone who isn’t obessesively controlling to have kids with.

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    Whoa – I feel like security camera thing was burying the lead.

    That he monitors you while he is away…yiiiiikkkkkkeeeees.

    I’m glad you are a consulting a divorce lawyer, I’m scared about how much worse this could escalate if you don’t leave.

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    I feel like spying on you through those devices is akin to snooping through your phone regularly. Maybe worse.

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    We were out of our house for awhile last summer and set up interior cameras while we were gone. Once we moved back we still had them up for a day or so before we got around to dismantling them.

    My husband *did* talk to me through them once – but he does not have the habit of controlling and critiquing everything I do. It was clear he was doing it just to annoy me (and the cat) for the fun of it.

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    I would be careful about your computer, any tablets or phone. He could have installed spyware on any of those devices.

    My ex did that, and got all of my passwords to my social media and email so he could spy on me. He did that because he was obsessed with the idea that I was going to leave him, or was cheating on him. Which definitely contributed to me leaving!

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    That’s serious. If he did that, then he knows everything said on this thread and she may be in real immediate danger.

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    Are you pulling my leash?

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    Omg. Using a security camera to watch you is really creepy. It’s not normal and it’s not okay. (This is the kind of stuff John Meehan did, for anyone who has listened to or watched Dirty John.)

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    This man is way too controlling. It’s not normal. My advice is to get out of this relationship asap and move on. Find someone who you are a team with…who trusts you…who respects you. Imagine what it will be like if you had kids with this guy? He’s insane. This is a form of abuse.

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