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    PS I don’t think there’s really a crone phase based on age, when men leave you alone. I think it’s a mindset thing.

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    Avatar photoDear Wendy

    I don’t blame you, Anonymousse. Fyodor may have had one foot out the door and that interaction was a final straw or… who knows. But re-reading that thread, I don’t think you were especially out of line or anything. And I HOPE Fyodor knows he’s welcome back any time. No hard feelings from me on either side, in any way.

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    Avatar photoCopa

    @Anonymousse No, she was never following me online. She hates me. It was a horrible, kinda traumatizing breakup (he was cheating on me with her, no doubt was lying to her, I found out and ended things, she found out and decided I was the problem). I could tell they both checked my FB for a long while after (even after blocking him). I had no clue she’d found my IG or that she creeped me daily until she outed herself on stories. Anyway. I did wonder about it, it had been years at that point. I don’t begrudge people for wondering/asking why on the forums, but know it’s futile. I do sometimes look up old flames, acquaintances I don’t follow, or even “hate-stalk” an old boss and coworker, but don’t do it obsessively. I like social media to keep up with friends I don’t see frequently, find recipes, and lately learn how to update my millennial wardrobe to be more modern (haha), but man… it’s pretty messed up and can really mess people up.

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    Expert on senior living here as most of my social life is with folks in their 70’s and up: there is no crone age. Men in their 70’s, 80’s & 90’s will happily date women in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s if they are vibrant and interesting.

    Men who are going to be icky are going to be icky wherever they are and for some men, being older only makes their nets wider.

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    Avatar photohfantods

    Just wanted to add that I think your advice would be great on TikTok/Reels, Wendy!

    I signed up for TikTok maybe a year ago, to start watching “BrideTok”. I don’t really post on FB, but signed up for wedding groups and now neighbourhood/buy nothing/Costco (omg we have reached peak surburbia but Costco is great hahaha) groups. I mostly use Instagram. And yea I get fashion advice for millenials on TikTok @copa haha.

Viewing 5 posts - 25 through 29 (of 29 total)
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