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    My boyfriend of 5 years has recently seemed distant, we got in an arguement and he told me to leave his house (which I live in with him). Because I thought I might of noticed him looking at female’s pictures on his phone and because of asking me to leave I looked through his text messages and read alot of messages between him and his best friend putting me down, even calling me a lazy [email protected]#ch. His friend told him there are hundreds of single woman that would want to date him. We have talked and are trying to repair the relationship. I haven’t told him that I read the messages. I’m very hurt that he was allowing his friend to put me down and by his comments but should I leave it in the past and work on the present or confront him?

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    Yikes. This relationship is already over. There is no repairing it when it’s this far gone and the guy has no respect for you. You don’t need to confront him about those texts – how will that change anything? You need to just end it and move out.

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    What’s to repair?

    He kicked you out of the house.
    There is no trust.
    He doesn’t think highly of you.

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    the fact that he was trash talking you behind your back is so disrespectful….i would end things with him

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    You need to get your stuff and be gone. Block him and have nothing to do with his friends. Lots of fish in the sea.

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    Why the hell would you want to be with someone who talks about you behind your back? You don’t trust him, and he doesn’t respect you. There is nothing to save here. Start to find a way to extract yourself, get another job, make other living arrangements. This relationship is dead.

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    Ugh, no. Please leave. He has no respect for you. You’ve been with him for five years and he kicked you out of (I assume) your shared home and talked badly behind your back?

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    Should you leave it in the past? But it’s not *in* the past. It’s in the right-now. He is currently talking trash to his friend about you. He recently threw you out of your own home. You have such strong suspicions that he’s looking for your replacement that you violated his privacy by reading his texts.

    Some signs shouldn’t be ignored. And not all relationships last, because some aren’t supposed to last. Don’t make the mistake of fighting to hang onto a bad relationship.

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    MOA. I’m sorry that this long term relationship isn’t going to be your forever relationship but better to end it now than sink another 5 years into it.

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    This guy doesn’t love you. He doesn’t even like you. He’s using you for money & sex. Dump him so you can walk away with your dignity. Don’t wait for him to find someone to take your place and dump you

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    Eh, an awful lot of people — frequently women — bitch to me about their spouses.

    It’s called venting.

    Has everybody on here REALLY never ever vented to your girlfriends?

    The real issue here is he kicked you out. What exactly happened there?

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    I vent about my husband but I’ve never called him a lazy bitch. Or any other name

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