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    Have I done the right thing. I have just given notice on my job after 11 years. I have got a new job.
    My current job is a £26k year job. It is 80 miles away from my house and which I have to drive anything from 180 miles a day round trip a day. So I go through around £700-800 a month in petrol.
    Everyone is petty in the office when there. And the only thing I will miss is one person.
    I have took a big pay cut on this other job but it means I won’t have a 700-800 petrol bill a month. I don’t have to leave my house at 5.30-6am and get home 7pm at night.
    I will be with my kids

    Do you think I have done the right thing?

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    Sounds like it. Why are you questioning your decision?

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    Why would you have done the wrong thing? You don’t mention how much of a pay cut you had to take, but that much money on gas per month is a lot and I’m just going to assume it’ll all even out. So you’ll be taking home about the same amount, reducing your commute drastically, getting away from toxic coworkers, and spending more time with loved ones. That sounds pretty good to me. I hope despite the pay cut it is a job you think you might enjoy. Eleven years with the same employer is a lot so maybe you’re just nervous for the unknown.

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    It’s likely an overall plus for you, but you don’t say how much salary you gave up in the move, whether the new position helps or hurts the career path you want to be on (is it in the field you want to work in long-term and does it have as good advancement opportunities as your prior job), or whether it is as stable as your prior job. It will take a few months until you can really assess the compatibility of boss and co-workers and whether or not you like the work.

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    I think
    It’s because I have been there for so long.
    It’s in the same field of work.
    The salary would even out with the fuel. So I wouldn’t be losing anything.
    Think I am just scared of the unknown.
    Everyone I know says the company I am going to now takes care of there employees and I felt that in the interview, as the boss was like we are overprotective of our employees and we all make sure we get home safe after work with a text to each other as anything can happen.
    Which I think is great. I drive so many miles currently and don’t get nothing.
    I think the only thing I will miss is someone who is like a mum to me and it’s the fact I won’t see her. That’s the thing that is making me more emotional.

    I know I am doing the right thing I feel it, just scared I think…

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    And yes there is progression in my new job.

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    I think you made the right choice. Change can be scary and hard. Just no, that rarely is an employer loyal to its employees. Don’t feel bad about moving on. You can always still have a relationship with the coworker you’ll miss if you both choose to.

    Good luck! And congrats, especially for getting to spend more time with the kids.

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    Sounds right to me, and you can and should stay in touch with that co-worker by text or whatever and try to meet up from time to time.

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