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    Jay Smith

    I was talking with a friend and we we’re sharing stories. For whatever reason I slipped up and blurted out something I really should not have said. It was about someone I actually really like and care about. But what I said was really damning information. I knew I fucked up when I saw the shocked reaction on the persons face I was talking to. I tried to back petal and down play it but it was too late. I honestly don’t believe the person I told would do anything with the information or even tell anyone else. My friend knows who the person is but has no connection to them at all. But I just feel really bad about saying it. I don’t know why I said it.I Just feel like a terrible person for what I did.

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    You said it because it made you feel important — the owner of a juicy secret that you could bond more close with this other person by sharing. You wanted to feel like a plugged in guy in the know.

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    Talking shit about people always finds a way back.

    It’s good you recognize and see the error.

    Now grow up, sit down with the person you care about and explain what you blurted out and ask for forgiveness. And do this before they hear it from someone else, which they will.

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    It’s good that you have recognised that what you have done may have caused harm, do what you can to mitigate that harm and move on.

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