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    I recently made friends with someone who keeps talking abt her post partum depression everytime we meet. She always seems stressed out, talks a lot and its hard to get a word in when she starts talking. She has 2 kids (one toddler and a 5 ys old)and has a good career. The kids seem ok though I know the older one gets spanked from time to time if he misbehaves. She has shared that one of the reasons for her depression in the past was a negligent partner and that she’d been hospitalized once after her 2nd one was born. I don’t know how to deal with this situation since its new to me and don’t know het family well enough to interfere. We sometimes meet up in groups of 3-4 women but I don’t think she has any other friends.I don’t know how to respond when she brings up her depression issues. Please help.

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    You’re doing a lot already just by listening to her and being there. You definitely can’t expect equal airtime from a new mom who’s depressed. It won’t be a normal / equal friendship situation. It’s a lot for you to take on if you’re her only friend, but here are tips on that:



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    Is this becoming overwhelming for you? Do you feel this person is leaning on you too much for someone you only recently met? If so, then you need to encourage this person to reach out to her friends, family, religious leader, professional support. You can’t save this person. You barely know her.

    There are emotional vampires in this world and they will suck you dry. As soon as you need something, they will disappear or have every excuse in the book to not be there for you.

    Protect yourself if you need to, be less responsive for texts and less responsive to calls.

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