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    Every morning I make myself a cup of coffee in a reusable to-go cup and take it with me to work. I usually use one of our many Tervis cups (the plastic cup with plastic lid). However, on occasion I have used one of our YETI cups (the highly insulated metal cups)–this morning was one of those occasions, and all hell broke lose. If you aren’t familiar with YETI, they can keep your beverage temperature for hours and hours, far longer than plastic or paper alternatives.

    Here’s the thing, my husband doesn’t think that YETIs are for hot drinks. In fact, he claims that using them for hot drinks will “ruin the insulation”, thus making them ineffective. I believe he gets this idea because many people say not to put YETIs in the dishwasher so he’s associating something hot with ruining the cup. Did I mention he’s a PhD in biology?! How can you be so smart and just make facts up?

    So someone please back me up here and tell me that YETI cups, and similar knock offs, are coffee friendly.

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    the YETI can 100% be used for hot beverages….if your boyfriend needs proof it even states it on their website:

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    My parents have several Yeti cups they use for coffee and cappuccinos they make at home. They use them for hot beverages more than cold. They take my aunt a cappuccino when they visit her in her nursing home and it’s still nice and hot.

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    I use my Yeti cup everyday yo drink coffee at work. I’ve has it for at least 6 months now, using it everyday and nothing has happened.

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    Miss MJMiss MJ

    Yetis are used for coffee in my house, too.

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