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    So I saw a random text on my boyfriends phone. A friend of ours asked “are you coming to see me tonight?” His reply was “do you want me to?” This friend of ours has asked him to help her start her car or unlock it when she locked the keys inside, little things taken on their own don’t seem abnormal…but this text just makes my gut instinct scream at me…what should I do?? Talk to this woman or just confront him with it?

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    You should probably communicate with your boyfriend before saying anything to the friend. Assuming you saw this text by accident and not through snooping, just be honest and ask why he went by there and see how he reacts. Try to do so calmly and not accusingly, because there’s a good chance this is nothing.

    This advice is under the assumption that you’re normally not a jealous or possessive person. If you struggle with jealousy and came across this text while going through your boyfriend’s phone looking for evidence of cheating, then the problem is probably internal.

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    This sounds like one of those situations where you already don’t trust him. That text exchange didn’t pop up on his phone while he was sitting next to you. You were looking at his texts when he wasn’t there. Why did you do that?

    I mean yeah, that little exchange doesn’t sound so great, but what’s the bigger picture here?

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    I’m curious how a text popped up- he responded and then you saw the exchange. Why are you snooping on his phone?

    Yes, ask him. Tell him what you did and ask him why he went over.

    If you don’t trust him, why are you in a relationship with him?

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