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Should I Go To The Haunted House?

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    I’m 20 and currently staying home for school because of COVID. I sometimes visit my college and friends on weekends to forget the fact I’m living home with my parents. For Halloween, some of my friends invited me to a haunted house/ escape room. They purposely didn’t mention to me till the last second that this guy, we’ll call him Joe, is coming. They all know that I don’t like Joe, and I’ve told them many times before in private. I don’t care if they hang out with him, since clearly they have free will, and they can be friends with whoever they want to. I just don’t want to be there when he’s there. I can’t explain exactly why I dislike this guy so much; he’s really weird and seems to give me a lot of attention and says odd things around me. It’s really a gut feeling. I always want to flee when he’s near. Anyway, I don’t know if I should go anymore. I really want to get out of my house, but I don’t want to be there if he’s there. I know this sounds super childish and immature– I can’t really explain it. Should I just go and suck it up? Am I just being mean?

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    How are people socially distanced in an escape room? I’m not kidding. Do all of y’all wear masks when you go to your college every weekend?

    Who DOESN’T want to forget and get out of the house?! But there truly is a pandemic happening, no matter how tired we are of it. It is getting worse, not better, because people DGAF — even as we’re heading into flu season.


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    why live at home if you are going back to school to visit friends and hang out on the weekends. that makes no sense.

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    You have many good reasons to not go and very few good reasons to go.

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    You have a gut feeling for a reason. Listen to it.

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    You don’t want to go, and all this endless socialising is putting you and others at risk , -unless you are all only meeting outdoors; and respecting social distancing- are you doing that? If so, you have an easy excuse, you don’t want to be in an enclosed space as you might end up infecting one of your family members, risking their lives. Your friends can hardly argue with that. If you have regularly been hanging out with others in enclosed spaces, it might be time to revise that, and go on hikes outdoors with your friends, much safer as long as you keep your 2 metre distance and keep to small groups.

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    Firstly, everyone else is right. You shouldn’t be going to ‘escape rooms’ with your friends during a pandemic. Your boredom doesn’t give you the right to be selfish.

    Secondly, what has this guy done or said to make you feel that way? If there is valid cause for your dislike, then I would suggest staying away from him if you’re not prepared to talk to him about what he has done to make you uncomfortable. If there is not, and you’ve just decided that you don’t like him for no real reason, then yes it is childish and you need to grow up.

    Regardless, stay home. Do some studying. Develop a new hobby that doesn’t require you leaving the house.

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    This is really really bad advice:

    “what has this guy done or said to make you feel that way? If there is valid cause for your dislike, then I would suggest staying away from him if you’re not prepared to talk to him about what he has done to make you uncomfortable.”

    He doesn’t have to have done anything, and you don’t have to talk to him. If you have a bad gut feeling about someone, especially a man, trust it and stay away from him.

    That aside, going to a haunted house right now is a terrible idea. Don’t go.

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    Its not being childish or immature to listen to your gut feelings. This guy makes you want to flee, listen to that feeling and stand up for yourself! Standing up for yourself and your safety is maturity. So is passing on being in an indoors crowd of people. Small gatherings is fueling this pandemic. Jesus we all want to get out of the house. We all also want our parents and grandparents to live long enough to receive a vaccine.

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    She doesn’t have to talk to him or anyone about why she instinctively doesn’t like him. She did explain why- he gives her a lot of unwanted attention and says odd things to her.

    Trusting your gut and staying away from men that make you feel this way is smart, not childish. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

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    Trust your gut. If you ignore it and something goes wrong, you’ll be kicking yourself.

    And the pandemic gives you a wonderful excuse (not that you need one) to bow out.

    If you’re up for it – read The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker – your gut is a gift. Trust it.

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    The CDC says haunted houses are high risk activities, if that matters to you.

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