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Should I Go To The Haunted House?

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    This is the original poster! Since everyone is concerned about my situation, I’d like you know that I’ve been quarantined since March and recently been going out. I follow the protocols when I see my friends as well since I have a sibling with low immune disorder. It’s not all the time I’m going out either as some of you commented. I’m wearing masks, keeping my distance, get tested regularly. Plus, I left school because all my classes went online and my parents do not want to pay for me to stay if nothing is available. Anyway, thanks to all who gave me advice that I asked for.

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    If I were you, I would propose to friends an other project which is safer than this one, especially as you have a vulnerable family member, and without that weird guy.
    Why not a walk in a forest, something sportive and outdoor? Or just opt out and do something that you like with other people.

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    So you have a couple really good reasons not to go to this thing: It’s a high risk activity, and that matters to you. Even with masks, being in an indoor space for a period of time with other people is high risk. You have a compromised family member. And there’s a creepy guy involved. You should sit this one out.

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    That’s awesome that you’ve been isolating since March. The pandemic is worse now than at its previous peak so it makes zero sense to stop now. We’re all fatigued

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    Yes – chiming in as someone who is your parent’s age to say thank you for being responsible and kind.

    But also repeating myself: TRUST YOUR GUT. If someone makes you uncomfortable, you do not need to have a specific reason. You do not have to witness some dastardly act. Someone can just creep you out and that’s enough reason to avoid that person. Do not dismiss your feelings.

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