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Should I Quit my Stable Job to Pursue my Dream Job?

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    Ok, do not quit a job unless you have another one first. OR your partner is totally fine with supporting you while you go to school full-time and find a new job, and you’re fine with that too, and you’re sure your relationship and finances are stable enough to make that a reality.

    Like, yeah, absolutely, pursue what you want to do. Take the classes, online or at night. You can take programming classes basically free through programs like edX. My dad just completed a 9-course program in data science, online, at Harvard Extension school and I think it literally cost him like $45, and he’s pivoted at work to do something he’s really interested in, using those skills. It took a few years to get through all the classes and do the pivot, and at no point did he quit his current job (he’s semi-retired, 22 hours a week, and quitting wouldn’t make sense, but still). You need to get the training, and the reputation, and figure out if you even like it, and see what kind of opportunities are even out there, before you transition into that type of role.

    Also, at your current job, don’t freaking sit there and wait for your supervisor to tell you you’ll get a promotion or raise. TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR CAREER TRAJECTORY, learn how to have the conversations with your boss about promotions and raises. Start reading regularly. Find a sponsor, if you can, at work (someone more senior than you who likes your work and is willing to help you advance). Wake up, take control.

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    Nobody should be telling this LW to quit her job to pursue her dreams. She’s raising a child. He or she needs a stable home. If the child didn’t exist, I’d say go for it.

    People gave you great advice on pursuing programming while keeping your current job.

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    I think letter has been edited. I recall that originally it said she was doing some programming at her current employer, but it was not an official job duty.

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    Programmer here! Ask me anything you’d like on how to become one. It’s good that you’re already doing something techy because the pivot will be easier. this is how I got my start and started to build my portfolio. Can you get your company to pay for coding classes at General Assembly and stuff like that?

Viewing 4 posts - 13 through 16 (of 16 total)
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