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  • December 23, 2022 at 5:23 pm #1117296

    Right now I am a single mom living on disability and working part time. I don’t have my license and don’t have help practicing to drive and I am not sure I can get my license on my own. I live in a small town in Saskatchewan with not many opportunities. I live in rent geared to income housing for now but when my daughter is older we will have to leave.

    My main fear is that I won’t be able to afford an apartment in the future nor will my daughter. And if I dont get my license I wont be able to get a Uhaul and there are no moving services here.

    I recently started talking to her father again after 6 years and he said we could live with him. He has always loved our daughter but we would fight sometimes and he hit me before. Back then I always did what my mom told me and she never liked him and convinced me to move to Saskatchewan with her.

    My daughter and I are lonely and I am poor. There aren’t many good courses at the college here and I don’t know if I can get a good job out here. She does have some friends at school. I have nobody and it is incredibly lonely. I also am very lazy and depressed and dont know if I am the best role model for my daughter.

    If I move in with her father I will be leaving everything behind and be paying more rent to him. I dont mind working and my plan is to work and save to learn to drive and get a car and go to school where there is more options. I would have a better chance of doing those things out there because there is way more resources and opportunities.

    The only thing is I would be relying on him for a place to stay. So if something happened to him I would become homeless. But I might become homeless out here in the future anyway. And there is a chance we might fight again and it could traumatize my daughter. And my daughter would leave her friends behind

    But if it worked out I could take advantage of more opportunities and get in a better place financially and my daughter would have her father in her life and he is not as depressed and lazy as me.

    I want to go because I need help and opportunities but I am worried about a few things. What sounds like the best option

    December 23, 2022 at 9:50 pm #1117298

    Hi. Do not move back in with him. No No No.
    Can your mom help? You need to call Social Services or some other govt. agencies and get help. You sound responsible and willing to do what you need to to improve your life. Please Google resources near you and explain your situation. GO forward in life,not backwards! Best wishes

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    December 24, 2022 at 7:55 am #1117301

    Absolutely no good can come from moving in with a known abuser – someone who abused you – as a depressed, lonely, financially and physically dependent person. You hand all your power to someone who has a history of hurting you. You can’t trust him. Do not do this. Focus on getting yourself help – look for free or sliding scale mental health services, learn to drive, learn about all your financial resources and apply to every single one. It’s not east but there are ways to survive financial hardship that don’t involve moving back in with an abusive former partner.

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Should I stay or go?

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