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    Hey people, my sisters wedding is coming up in six months and I want some advice on how to fix my skin. Ive always had these scar from acne on my cheeks and Im wondering if there’s something I can do to improve how they look. Id also like advice on how to get younger and firmer looking skin (I’m 35). Thanks

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    I don’t know what you’re already using, but a basic anti-aging skincare routine would be:

    1) Gentle cleanser
    2) Paula’s Choice liquid exfoliator or glycolic acid toner
    3) Serum: Vitamin C for day, retinol for night
    4) Moisturizer
    5) Sunscreen for day

    You could also do the Aztec Clay mask now and then to really clean your pores. I’m guessing you have oilier skin if you used to have acne.

    Retinol, vitamin C, glycolic products should help fade the scars, but there are some additional ideas in this article. If you try Differin, skip a retinol serum because it’ll be too much together.

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    Yes to everything Kate said. That’s really all you need.

    I can also vouch for the Aztec Clay mask. I never had a consistent acne problem, but there were a couple times in my life where I was breaking out, both coincided with moves to different cities. Anyway. The first, proactive was all the rage and it helped. The second, I heard about the Aztec clay and it did wonders. Can’t recommend enough. It’s not expensive.

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    When my then 15yo son had horrible acne & acne scars the only thing that worked was Accutane. It’s a big undertaking. Monthly blood draws, super dry lips & eyes, back pain, headaches, and women have to be on birth control because it causes extreme fetal defects. But my son & I were both happy with the decision to take it. His skin is clear & the scars are gone

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    If you have ice pick scars (vs. residual hyperpigmentation or lesions), which is what I imagine when I hear about acne scarring, see a dermatologist. Acne scars can be deep and they can be permanent. Depending on the severity, OTC products may not be enough.

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    Yeah, that article talks about fillers and laser treatments for scarring that goes beyond discoloration.

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    Yes to what Copa said. Vitamin C and Retinol will help significantly with discoloration and light scarring – I strongly recommend a medical grade brand like Obagi. The products are not cheap but if you want real results you get what you pay for.

    If you’ve got deep and/or pitted scarring than you need to talk to a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon, preferably one dual board certified as both and/or who specializes in facial cosmetic procedures. Products alone can’t help there. Laser resurfacing or a deep peel, for example a Blue Peel, are the solution. Those treatments aren’t cheap and require downtime, and it’s very important you choose a qualified professional to administer them.

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    I have super sensitive skin and (had) issues with acne. I also took Accutane when I was in my early 30s – this was a last resort effort and it luckily worked but was hell for a while. My dermatologist ended up prescribing me a retinol to take care of some scarring on my chin after I finished the pills. It was an added bonus that it was covered by my insurance so I didn’t have to shell out as much as if I paid out of pocket. I also try to reduce my dairy intake because it turns out that some of my skin issues are a mild form of lactose intolerance which breaks my cheese loving heart.

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