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So, here's how my first week at this new job went… (update)

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    I’m surprised they don’t drug test the counselors. I would think that would be a liability issue.

    Just be aware that weed is detectable for weeks to months after you partake, depending on how they test. If they do decide to start testing, you won’t have that fun job anymore.

    I smoked weed occasionally in college, but I did it the old fashioned way, with a passed-around joint at parties. Never in a million years would I have had my own stash. To be honest, I didn’t think the high was worth the trouble. And I never, ever would have kept it or smoked it in my parents’ house. OF COURSE your mother is going to know you were smoking, if she has a nose.

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    Good point, there’s an important distinction between passing it around at night with friends and smoking your own bowl at home in your mom’s house during the damn day. Hunter, please don’t, that’s just sucky and sad. You’re on an upward trajectory, stay on it.

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    Thanks Canada Goose,

    I don’t talk to kids like I’m some all-knowing asshat, and I still enjoy doing a lot of kids activities, so whatever they wanna do I can genuinely be happy about it. Plus they seem to really like learning to do some of the cool things I can do (like magic tricks).

    I guess you can say I never really stopped being a little kid.

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    Great work, Hunter! It sounds like you’re learning a lot about yourself. The kids your watching sound interesting and that they genuinely enjoy having you around as a counselor and role model. I could see being a counselor opening a door to more potential babysitting but parents are protective and probably won’t hire you for that if they perceive you are routinely getting stoned.

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    What do you mean by learning a lot about myself?

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    You’re learning what you’re good at, what you like doing, and insight into what you were like as a kid, etc. Many life experiences provide people a chance to learn more things about ourselves.

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    I have nothing against pot, Hunter. But it’s the right time and right place kind of thing. You’re working, enjoying the job and on an upwards trajectory. Smoking pot in the daytime while your mother is at work is not exactly the best time and place for it. Go to college. Move out. Save the weed money to move out, don’t literally burn it away doing nothing at home during the summer.

    If you lived on your own, or with roommates and were over 18 or 21 my opinion would be different.

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    I’ll give you the same advice my mom gave me: Don’t deal with the dealers. Let your friends buy and give them money.

    Everyone else’s advice is spot on. Smoking up a bowl by yourself is sad. That behavior is for people who can no longer enjoy experiences without being high. And while I won’t go so far as to say that is the behavior of an addict – it is possible for people to use it as a crutch.

    I don’t have any particular issue with weed, it is generally safer than alcohol, but if it’s illegal in your state (and I’m guessing your underage even if it’s legal), then getting caught buying… consequences.

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    That job sounds just perfect for you. Glad you are enjoying it. I don’t see weed as much different from drinking, but if you were going off alone to drink I’d be wary of that too. Just don’t do anything (like getting busted, –that would follow you about and make many problems later on) which might mess up this job as you are sounding really positive right now- weed can wait until you find a job somewhere it’s legal and you can enjoy openly in company, hiding away to indulge in a bit is definitely not the most fun way to go. If you’ve waited this long, you can wait a little longer.

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