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Dear Wendy

So, my raffle actually worked… yay!

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    avatarRuby Tuesday

    You do understand that people go to prison for much smaller felonies all the time. Prison isn’t just for murderers and rapists. It’s also for people like you who think ripping people off is acceptable.

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    Now, now. Lets not be insane. Nobody goes to prison for a hundred dollar raffle. No way. No day.

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    And wanting Hunter ratted out, that seems over the top. We’re supposed to be the adults here.

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    I mean, he’s under 18 and the total raffle proceeds were under $100, so I don’t know about jail. But yeah, if he keeps doing this, especially given his lack of shall we say street smarts, he’s going to get caught and it’s gonna be a big pain in the ass for mom and grandma. I could see grandma getting fined and/or banned from selling at the swap meet. And if you’re over 18 and get caught breaking the law, you could definitely be charged and tried, fined, maybe community service, shit goes on your record, who knows. So not worth it.

    No one needs to hope he gets ratted out. Let justice and the law sort him out.

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    avatarRuby Tuesday

    You are both right that this one situation isn’t a felony, but it seems to me that Hunter has a very warped idea of our legal system. Once he turns 18, small petty crimes like this can add up in ways he doesn’t seem to appreciate. Our prisons are filled with people who committed financial crimes like stealing or trying to forge checks in order to score some cash. All it takes is an unforgiving judge or D.A.

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    Ange, I don’t think wanting this guy to get caught for breaking the law is childish. If he doesn’t he’ll keep up with the stupid things he’s doing and down the line, become bolder and do even stupider things. He’s still young, and his transgression isn’t ridiculously egregious so he’ll probably get off easy, but also hopefully learn a lesson–since clearly he isn’t learning anything from us

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    I know we’ve been focusing on possible legal consequences, but I keep coming back to how there’s just no recognition or remorse that it’s a lousy thing to do to people. Ripping people off, and using his grandma’s small business to do it. Blech.

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)
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