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    Part of new member process involved some subtle hazing, and bitchiness from older girls for about a semester. I didn’t think it effected me much, but I ended up depressed after the semester ended. I got initiated but am starting to feel as though the sorrority was a terrible idea because of the effect it had on me, and many of the girls seem bitchy even after new member process. Is it possible I haven’t spent enough time within the sorrority like most sisters are saying, or should I drop?

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    Sororities are a waste of time and money if you are a serous student. Why do you want to be around a bunch of women that are acting bitchy? Why do you want to “mildly haze” other students?

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    I was in a sorority and light hazing was someone saying “pledge grab me a beer” (I didn’t by the way, and she smiled when I told her off). Of course in a group of 100 people some people are going to be jerks. And some people are going to be great. If you aren’t connecting with anyone, especially in your pledge class, then yes – drop. This isn’t for you.

    I never intended to join a sorority but I did and I found a great group of friends who made my college life a lot of fun.

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    is it costing you more to be apart of a sorority where there people might no even really be your friends at all, if they are bitchy and mean, they are also backstabbing gossipers that will make your life hell if you aren’t on the same page as them.

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    By all means, if you’re not connecting with this group, you don’t have to keep hanging out with them. College is about exploring – move on and find your people! But also, the way you’re framing this is probably not super helpful. Unless the hazing was more serious than you’re describing, I’m not sure they really “did” anything to make you depressed or feel unwelcome. You just don’t vibe with this group. That’s enough of a reason to move on.

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    If the issue were simply that you thought the other women were nice but hadn’t connected with them, then I’d say that maybe you need more time. But if you actually find them to be rude and uncaring, then that has little to do with how long you’ve known them. Some people have great sorority experiences, and it often has to do with the particular chapter, but there are many sororities that care more about status and what you have and what you look like, and those are not ones that are going to give you the sisterhood and support that they advertise.

    If you’re not enjoying it and it’s not benefiting you, then don’t waste the money and time on it. There are many more ways to make friends. I never even considered a sorority, and I have several friends from college I still keep in touch with and see today (I’m in my 30s).

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    The whole thing is weird anyway. Why do you need to pay and go through a dumb initiation process to make friends? We don’t have sororities and fraternities in Australia and we make friends just fine. Just go out and do activities and meet people, it’ll cost way less and you don’t have to be treated badly along the way.

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