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    I am revamping my face care regime, and wanting to find a good facial moisturizer that has SPF in it, more than 15 SPF (living in Alberta with lots of sun). I tried Neutrogena’s and it smelt too much like sunscreen and was oily. I was hoping to find a cream/moisturizer that doesn’t smell like sunscreen, and isn’t overly oily, as I have an oily complexion. Thanks!

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    I have a lot of difficulty with lotions irritating my skin so I use a lot of the Burt’s Bees products. My daytime moisturizer is their Renewal Firming Day Lotion with SPF 30. I apply it more liberally in the winter and lighter in the summer and it has worked well for me. I don’t notice any smell to it, though the one I used to use smelled like apples and I miss that.

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    I haven’t found a moisturizer with SPF that I like, so instead, I use the Kiehl’s sunscreen along with my daily moisturizer. Also my nose gets red super easily so I like the extra protection.

    I’d be interested to hear what others use too.

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    I would recommend using a more natural, mineral based sunscreen. Titanium dioxide is what you want to see in the active ingredient label. I like Mychelle (no white cast, no fragrance, and they have a lot of matte formulas) Aveeno has a few good mineral based ones, although I’m not sure what price point you are looking for.

    A hat with a visor is really good sun protection.

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    My husband is outdoors pretty much every day and in the sun a lot, and I’m a pain in his ass about sunscreen but he says it makes him break out. We’ve tried a few different ones, and he says so far so good with Olay Complete all-day moisturizer, which is oil-free and comes in spf 30. I had been using it and gave it to him. I got Aveeno Absolutely Ageless, also in 30, and I don’t detect any sunscreen smell or oiliness. I use that and a Vitamin C / E / Hyaluronic serum during the day.

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    Plus one for this topic.

    I’ve actually be thinking of splurging on a La Roche Posay sunscreen and sticking with Cerave in a tub. I sampled the sunscreen on my hand and it felt like it applied smoothly. I had been sort of relying on my Mac foundation with SPF15 as a “sunscreen” (not seriously but a bonus) but Wayne Goss the YouTuber broke that myth. I’m actually a little terrified I did that.

    Sorry no opinions on the moisturizer with SPF, but def seems easier and it’s one less layer in your skin. I have read mixed reviews on the Cerave AM with SPF but I was tempted to buy it.

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    I also use an Aveeno lotion for my face with SPF in it (but don’t know exactly which one). I do think it smells a little bit of sunscreen, but it’s not overwhelming and the lotion itself isn’t heavy, so it doesn’t bother me.

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    I’ve been interested in the La Roche Posay, too. It gets great reviews.

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    I use either La Roche Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra Fluid SPF 50 and love it. I like that it has a tint and gives my face a sheer sort of satin finish.
    For days when I don’t want something tinted, I used Bobbi Brown PSF 50 Protective Face Base.

    I live in a Alberta as well. I find that both work well alone or over a serum. The Bobbi Brown is a bit heavier, but works with my combination skin.

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    For my no-makeup makeup days i use IT Cosmetics BB Cream which has 50+ spf. It’s tinted enough that it gives light coverage, while i feel good about the spf.

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    I currently use the Cetaphil with SPF but it is only SPF 15 – but I really like the lotion. I have super dry skin so someone with oily skin might not like it. I also have the La Roche Posay face sunscreen (don’t remember the exact one) and I don’t like it. It’s really thin and smells like SPF. I do use it when I will be outside all day but won’t purchase it again.

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    @hfantods I did not like the cerave daytime with SPF. It felt like sunscreen (although I do generally like cerave lotion and my doctor recommends it).

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