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    I would just like some advice please.
    I have been working for the same company for 11 years, worked from the bottom to manager of a site. January I got promoted to head office to be In charge of an area of site.
    During the time at my old role I always felt stressed, and always thought it was down to being short staffed etc, and not the demands of the company.
    Since January in this new role, I feel I am not being trained on the job I am currently doing everytime I asked or email my boss it’s passed on to someone else or ignored.
    I am told by my boss that I can’t be over friendly even to other people working in head office, I’m scared of being myself even down to how I act via an email. As I sent an email to the sender and included my boss as she should know and was told I am not supposed to do that.
    Also there is someone there that I think is very jealous of me, I just feel it and she used to be my line manager before and now I am the same level as her.
    This week my boss wanted a chat with me and told me I had bad breath! I was mortified I’m paranoid about my teeth at the best of times as I have a broken back tooth.
    I spoke to all my old colleagues including men. And asked them if I have ever had bad breath everyone of them said no and I said I mean it I would like the truth and they all said nope never and we’re appalled by what the boss said to me. Note I was with these colleagues the day before my manager saw me and worked very closely with them with for years.

    Before this chat with my boss I was at my desk and the person that I think is jealous of me came over to my desk to do something on my computer, after she sat down at her desk then said to the manager who was sitting at least 12 foot away that she needed to show her something and went to her with her laptop then my manager asked for a private talk during this time I hadn’t been near my manager or opened my mouth sat down and my manager started that talk and said I can’t smell it today…. it occurred to me after how would she know!!!! She was never by me!!! Only person was this other person, is it this person spreading lies about me or what and if she is saying this to the manager who else is she saying it too in head office.

    In the meantime I applied for another job and had an interview in which I got it.
    It’s a massive pay cut but we can manage on it.

    The thing is I don’t start my new job for another 3 weeks, I can give 1 weeks notice to my current job, I went to the doctor yesterday and she gave me a sicknote for stress at work to cover me.
    I just don’t know what to do for the best my new job will be asking for a reference for me this week from my current employer, do I go in Monday or do I put the sicknote in. Or do I come clean phone my manager up on Monday say to her I am leaving but the thing is I can’t put my notice in yet as I want my full wage at the end of month, the earliest I can put my notice in is this 25th may.
    What would you do I just don’t know what to do?
    Any advice would be great thanks xx

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    Or would you stay at this current job and hope for the best or does it sound like they are trying to push me out.

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    Hard to advise you. You sound like you are “all over the map”. You seem easily overwhelmed and unsure of yourself.
    If you need/want to know more about proper procedure/ettiquette on the job/working for a company,check out “Ask a Manager”. It is an advice site that is specific to business and has archives where you can look for answers too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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