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    my partner recently told me believed he was possessed by the devil and as a result he had an exorcism.

    He also believes aliens came to earth to reproduce with humans and frequently claims to see UFOs.

    if i offer counter arguments to these views or alternative perspectives, he gets frustrated and angry.

    am i right to worry? or am i too brainwashed by society to not be shocked by this?

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    You wrote in about him before, right? He’s not well.

    That said, I personally saw a UFO in 1997, and my husband saw it too.

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    According to that recently released footage UFOs are indeed real. However I think this extends far beyond that and the bloke isn’t well.

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    I don’t think you two are a match.

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    Go ring shopping!!

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    Point of clarity: the U in UFO stands for “unidentified” (“Unidentified” Flying Object)

    It’s perfectly reasonable to see something in the sky and not know what it is. As soon as you label it aliens, it’s no longer “unidentified”, you’re identifying it as something specific.

    When you see something, not know what it is, and immediately presume it MUST be aliens, that’s when you’re stepping past the bounds of reality as supported by the evidence.

    I feel the same way about other supernatural things, like ghosts. Hearing a sound you don’t understand is odd, but things happen. Hearing a sound you don’t understand and coming to the inescapable conclusion that it is ABSOLUTELY the disembodied spirit of a 19th century peasant who wants you out of the house, too much.

    Sounds like you and your partner have wildly different takes on these matters that doesn’t speak well to long term compatibility. It’s one thing to disagree on minor things, but I’d find it hard to be with someone whose core beliefs I find ridiculous.

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    Possessed by the devil likely means schizophrenic and hearing voices in his head telling him to do things. He needs professional help. If he refuses to get it, then you should leave. Untreated serious mental illness can be dangerous to loved ones.

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    people who tell you you are “too brainwashed by society” because you don’t subscribe to their irrational beliefs are just going to drive you to distraction, as they will never listen to science or sense. He may be lovely in other ways, but if being with him means you must start believing in conspiracies and/or his own delusions I’d just call a halt as that way lies madness and misery. I hope he gets some help, but that help does not have to come from you.

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