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Struggling to eat hoping for some advice?

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    This came up when I searched for advice forums so I’m hoping this is ok. I haven’t been able to eat more than 4 or 5 bites at a meal for weeks now. I keep making food I love, I like to cook and I still have to make dinner for my guy but I just can’t eat. I feel vaguely hungry and I’ll make what I want when I’m hungry only to be disgusted when it’s done or I stand around hungry but not able to find anything at all to eat. It’s been quite awhile now, over a month at least and I work full time so it’s starting to get tough. I usually have a tea lemonade drink and a snack size of goldfish over the whole work day and I’ll eat a few bites at dinner. I keep buying random food items, drinks etc and still never wind up eating them. Not sure what to do at this point and just honestly figured I’d see if there was any advice out there. Lots of people suggested I could be pregnant and it’s definitely not that haha. Sorry for the rambling. Thank you

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    You need to immediately call your doctor or your mental health professional about this. Something is wrong, and your body can’t go on for long on that amount of food.

    You’ve written in lots before about emotional and mental health stuff. You have someone you can call, right?

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    You need to see a medical doctor.

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    Yes, you need to seek out professional help, please call your GP.

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    This happens to me during depressive episodes. I don’t know if you have a past with mental health or if you’re currently struggling but definitely seek professional help.

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    This sounds very serious. That you recognize it to be a problem, however, is a very good sign. But as others have suggested, this is simply too much for you to handle on your own and so I strongly urge you to reach out to professionals for help. They will help you better understand and control this troubling behavior.

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    Absolutely do please seek out help. Eating disorders are one of the most serious things, you need and deserve help right now.

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