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Stuck between two choices (love or travel)

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    Im a 23 year old girl who just graduated from college
    So I met a guy I really liked (im very picky and it doesn’t happen that often). He’s like everything I want in a man. We saw each other everyday for like a month and a half and went on a date together and I was hoping things could work between us. However since I just graduated I was planning on pursuing my masters outside the country next year (next september).
    But since there is still one year left I wasn’t really giving it much thought.
    However, I also got an offer for a job abroad and they want me to start asap. I know my goal now is to continue my studies to be able to work later in what I really want but I cannot seem to decline the offer because it’s a really good one plus it can be a good push for my acceptance in college next year (having had international work experience).
    On the other hand, It’s so rare for me to meet someone available with whom I have this great connection.
    What would you do in my place? Would you leave now since you’re leaving the country next year anyway or would you follow your heart and stay this year in the place you want

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    There is no question here. It is not an option to turn down a job opportunity that you want and that furthers your life goals, for a guy. Unless like, you’re married to him and he’s going to be president or something. Go, and God bless.

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    Go!!! Do not turn down this opportunity for a guy! A guy that you like at age 23! You’re going to be a different person in a few years and so is he. Keep working on building yourself an amazing life. Literally nobody is going to come here and recommend you wreck your future for this dude

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    I third the GO vote!!!

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    Go. I know that it seems rare for you to meet someone you like but what you like will change as you get older. Take the job and live abroad and experience another country and enjoy the professional opportunity.

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    Holy crap, GO! This isn’t even a question. GO. Do not, do not, do not pass up an opportunity for someone you’ve known for six weeks. And you went on ONE date together!? Sweet jesus, GO.

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    I wish that I had spent sometime abroad when I was younger. I don’t regret not
    marrying the women I liked when I was 23 because like most 23 year olds I had no real insight about what makes a successful long term relationship.

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    Casually stay in touch on social media. If he’s the only guy you ever feel a connection with (extremely unlikely) you can always try to see what happens in the future. You will regret it if you don’t take this opportunity

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    Go!!! Please don’t put your life on hold for a guy you think you like, aren’t even in a relationship with, met six weeks ago, etc. If he was the guy- he’d stay in touch, visit you, etc. He would encourage you to go and push you to better your life and career. Please, go!!

    The “love” choice isn’t certain. The experience of working abroad is.

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    Go indeed! I think you know already the answer. You want to go. It is not as if you are balancing a serious committed relationship with a job prospect! You barely know him! So go and enjoy plenty the freedom and experience of this opportunity. Let it open with this guy. Perhaps you will keep contact, perhaps not. No need to make it dramatic. Remember, you don’t know him really.
    My guess: you happen to meet someone you really like because you are about to leave. This is classic. You become less “picky” because your inhibitions are lifted: you know you won’t get really involved. So I think you have plenty of time to date and meet people and discover your love life.

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    GO! It will be worth it, so so so worth it.

    There will be times you will feel lonely and homesick and question your decision – you WILL get through those times. This is such a great opportunity.

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