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Terminated from job suddenly. Don’t know what to do.

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    I got a serving job at a prestigious golf course in my town. While I don’t have any previous serving experience, I have extensive customer service experience and I am quite adept with computer software. I got to my job and I thought everything was going great – I picked up on the duties right away, and I was getting some good feedback from my coworkers. I made a couple mistakes because I’m human, but these were minor in my eyes, like needing to bring salt to a table.

    A few hours ago, I got a call from my manager telling me that they had to terminate me. He apologized and told me that he was only told to terminate me today. I asked why, and he told me I was lacking confidence and seemed nervous around the members. He also told me that while I am “a great person with great serving potential,” I wasn’t living up to their expectations. I took it well, but this crushed me. I am professional, I arrived to work 20 minutes early everyday, I looked put together and abided by every rule in the employee manual. He told me that in my job search, they would provide me a character reference. He also told me I was not the only one being terminated.

    Recently, I’ve noticed they’ve hired 6 new girls, a few of whom have connections. Business has been slow due to COVID-19, so I wasn’t sure why they were hiring more people. I also overheard my manager say yesterday at work that pay cheques were incredibly high for this period. Pay roll was approved yesterday. Was I fired due to performance or overstaffing? What can I do now?

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    Ugh, that sucks. I don’t think there’s anything you can “do,” though. It sounds like maybe they messed up in terms of overestimating the help they’d need, and the restaurant wasn’t getting as much business as they’d hoped. They had to let some people go as a result, and you being an inexperienced server got the cut. If they had discriminated on the basis of race or something, you might have a case to go to your council on discrimination, but it doesn’t sound like that.

    I think you chalk it up to the virus fucking up lives and look for a new job, unfortunately.

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    You didn’t do anything wrong. The excuse is totally made up and there is not much you can do to fight it. If this club is anything like some other golf clubs – they typically hire eastern european women who just haven’t made it in modeling. They are eye candy for the shit-head golfers and are there so they can either find a sugar daddy or be the new wife.

    Do not beat yourself up over this.

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    According to what you say, they fired their most recent employees (common) and hired some new ones, who are daughters of, who probably lost their own previous job or job prospect or summer job due to the crisis.
    About the reasons given, “great” and “not living up to their expectations” is a contradiction. They have to say something. Take notice of their remark, it is always useful to know how one can progress. Nobody is perfect, so don’t take it to your heart.
    But it is obviously a situation where your manager wouldn’t have fired you in normal circumstances, appreciated your work, and ought to make a selection. Put that to experience: it is already something if they write you a good reference letter. Remain gracious (if you have still to work there for some time) and start looking for a new job.
    Golf is a high society field where connections must be important and prevail upon fairness. I wouldn’t look anymore in this snobbish milieu and send my resume to other kind of restaurants.

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    There is a lot of unfair job losses going on now because of COVID-19. It is not just you. More harmful employers are actually resorting to take advantage of people’s more vulnerable emotions during this time. Everyone is much more stressed, and people who were just barely kind before don’t have much patience to control their morality.

    There is some career advice around COVID-19 on the Life to Career Section in the Huffpost site, for free. There is also a lot of free financial advice on Penny Hoarder. If you’re some kind of racial minority as well, that makes it extra — I’m not saying that to just you, but many potential readers of this comment. I keep hearing about the chaos of all the minority rights protests on shows like Trevor Noah the Daily Show or LastweekTonight on Youtube, but at least so far the news has pointed to the protests actually making a lot of progress. Hopefully it improves as time passes.

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