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    “The most basic cabins started at $5,395 with airfare and going up to $9,395 for a “Grand Suite.” Guests could pay an extra $4,999 per person for the “Inner Circle” package with access to a cocktail hour with Beck and other hosts, exclusive onstage access to a show with Beck and O’Reilly, and “2 nights dining with Glenn Beck.”

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    If I add a $1000 do i get to slap Beck? I would gladly pay $1000 to backhand them all.

    Back to reality – you have their address – what about a fruit of the month club or flower or beer or hotsauce of the month club. You don’t have to do 12 months – you can do 3 months usually. I used to do a monthly variety pack of root beers for my dad. My sister did an orchid of the month club (would not recommend – they chose weird shit).

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    Omg, speaking of choosing weird flowers. For Mother’s Day I sent my mom peonies from 1-800-Flowers. Turned out they didn’t open. So I called the company and was nice but just like, I wanted to let you know for quality control. They offered to re-send, but I said I’d be worried they again wouldn’t open. So the rep said, ok, what I can do is refund you half the price, and also send your mom something comparable. I was like, cool, where do I choose? And she said she’d choose something comparable.

    What she ended up choosing was “tie dye roses.” They literally looked rainbow tie-dyed like Grateful Dead style, in a purple vase. Totally crazy. But my mom cut them down and put them in a different vase and they ended up looking kind of pretty. They were more yellow and less crazy rainbow than advertised.

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    I’ve had good luck with Bouqs and Urbanstems. They’re probably more expensive, but def good quality.

Viewing 4 posts - 13 through 16 (of 16 total)
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