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The ethics of retail therapy during a plague

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    I’m probably overthinking this, but…

    I’m getting tons of e-mails from my favorite online stores these days. Big sales, free delivery, etc.

    I’d been thinking of ordering some tops, maybe a new pair of sneakers. That’s good, right? Keeping the economy going, giving these companies some revenue during hard times.

    But then I start thinking of the people who are working in close quarters in a busy packaging center, working in post office hubs, making deliveries, all at risk of getting sick over a stupid package of tops that I can live without.

    And then I start wondering if it’s right to tie up shippers with non-essentials right now.

    I’m probably overthinking this. Right?

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    I think ordering stuff to be delivered would be fine. The post offices and delivery companies presumably have a pretty good handle on what capacity their systems can support, so I would expect that if they were getting overloaded and unable to carry out essential services due to people shopping they would be releasing messages to that effect. Instead of that what I’ve read in the US has been states and the federal government encouraging or requiring people to switch to ordering food/items for delivery/pickup.

    I imagine the post offices, delivery services and packaging centers will have already implemented guidelines to help protect their workers from getting sick given how vital they’re going to be in helping to get supplies to where they need to go. As you mentioned it will also help keep the economy going and provide funds to these companies to help them stay afloat and paying their workers and everything.

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    I think ordering only essentials right now is a considerate thing to do. Unless you’re ordering from like, your local mom and pop running store or something.

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    I’m torn on this one. On the one hand, I think big box stores will be fine and our resources should be used to support those in need. Getting supplies to people. Getting food to children who don’t have it and people who are losing their jobs.

    On the other hand, it might help keep the economy afloat.

    I do agree with anonymousse in that if you can, support local. For instance, I LOVE scarves from this one local shop. The owner texted me pics of new ones they got in. I bought too. Right now she’s holding them. I’ll either pic up in a few weeks or she’ll mail. I didn’t even have to go in the shop!!!!

    Find new ways to shops and support local.

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    If you can I implore you not to shop on Amazon. They are not treating their employees well and yet, still thriving in these times. So many smaller businesses are suffering and even brick & mortar ones.

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