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The father of my unborn childs mom doesn’t let me see him in icu

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    The father of my unborn childs mom doesn’t let me see him in icu he jumped out my car cause I was gonna take him to his mom’s during an argument the first day they said he was bleeding in his heaead I’m 8 months pregnant and I’m going nuts try so hard to keep it together his been in there 5days prior to that about a month or so i texted his to let her know something was wrong with him and if she can help me she said no there is nothing i can do for him i told yes he is ur son so he was already having issues with his scalp so idk what to do

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    I can barely understand what’s happening. Punctuation would greatly help but who jumped out of your car? Your son?

    I’m sorry you’re going through this. I’m not sure what kind of advice you want.

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    Ok, Let me see if I can figure out what you are saying. Your boyfriend argued with you and jumped out of the car. He ended up in hospital and is bleeding from a head injury. He had health problems related to his head/scalp before. You asked his mother for help because you are pregnant and he is sick and she said no. I do not understand how she can keep you from seeing him in the hospital? The whole situation sounds bad, with her and the stability issues with your boyfriend. What advice are you asking for?

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    Okay, if that’s what’s going on, I’m not sure you can do anything right now other than take care of yourself and your unborn child the best you can. If he’s incapacitated in the hospital, he can’t help you and it may seem unfair but his mother may not have the ability nor emotional strength to support you in anyway when she is this worried about her son.

    I’m also sorry to say, but if someone is self destructive enough to jump out of a car during an argument, you may be parenting alone. So you may as well prepare for that possibility. That is not a stable person. That is a very unwell person.

    Do you have friends or family who can help you right now? I’m sorry you are going through this.

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    @Peggy, I think if he’s in the ICU then only family can visit? And if they’re not married then unfortunately she’s not family.

    But yeah I think you interpreted everything correctly and I agree with Anonymousse that if he’s incapacitated and his mom won’t help, there’s not much you can do but pray for his recovery. And maybe speak with free legal counsel about how you can get monetary support for your child from your boyfriend’s family should your boyfriend remain incapacitated.

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    Your situation is unfortunate. Sorry you have to go through this while pregnant. If your baby’s dad doesn’t recover, the baby is entitled to social security benefits (if you’re in the US) It’s not much but it will definitely help

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