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    (Disclaimer: I know there are people who care about humanity and equality for all. They give me hope and inspire me, this list is not about them)

    I don’t know why we are supposed to be “the greatest super power in the world” yet we:
    1. Won’t let women have rights to their own bodies
    2. Punish people for being their authentic selves (laws against human rights if you are not hetero and defined as a M/F)
    3. Pass laws limiting voting access (here’s looking at you Georgia, Texas, rest of the states trying to pass similar legislation)
    4. Won’t admit to systematic racism (BLM, Asian hate crime, violence towards the trans community, etc)
    5. Have political support to go against basic public health principles (wearing a mask – against people’s rights, anti-vaccination, anti social distancing mandates, etc)
    6. Beliefs in pseudoscience over real science

    This list could go on and on, but essentially I’m emotionally exhausted and don’t feel like the US deserves its’ standing in the world. Hoping more change for equality and humankind is around the corner.

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    You genuinely don’t understand why all those things? Or you just want commiseration? Because it drives me crazy too, but I understand why it’s happening. I think we’ve already lost our standing in the world, unfortunately.

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    I hear you, OP. We’re a bad country founded by bad people. Our government is a system designed to keep bad people in power as long as possible and it’s functioning as it is designed.

    It doesn’t mean that it can’t get better, but it’s a painfully slow process.

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    let alone the gun restrictions (I.E. none) that we don’t have that continually bring us shootings, on the regular..
    it’s insane to me.
    Who the fck needs an assault rifle?
    I have a gun for protection, a 380. My dad enjoys going to the range and shooting.

    I just.. don’t get the refusal of gun restrictions. I don’t.

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    @Courtney89 “The inconvenience of having to wait 3-4 days to receive my death machine for my hobby is more important than any lives” is basically the summary. It’s so very frustrating. I will never understand how anyone can see the most simple and basic of safety restrictions as this violation of their human rights.

    But if there is one thing that has been made clear in this country, the motto for a huge portion of our population is “give me convenience or give me death”. They will resist the most miquetoast of requirements for the most asinine reasons with the fury of a roman spartan.

    It’s so exhausting.

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    It is indeed very dark times. I must confess that I am so jaded and cynical now that I often simply can’t believe it. But then I turn on the news for five minutes and think… Oh, right… That’s what I am so damn fucking pissed off all the time.

    But my —- Yes. The lack of common sense gun regulations continually baffles me. Has for as long as I can remember. Though I once truly believed change was imminent. I no longer do. But then… I once believed a lot of things…

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    If a classroom of dead first graders isn’t enough to enact the most meager of gun-safety reforms, what is?

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    And let us NOT forget… Sandyhook happened during the Obama Presidency. Meaning —- Yes! The Dems have equally failed us as far as enacting real gun control. To be blunt… Obama’s handling of the Sandyhook aftermath was pretty fucking lame. Weak. And feckless. So much so, I pretty much lost all respect for him as a result. Talk about a failure to both seize the moment and to lead. 🤷‍♂️

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    Not to give Obama a pass, but Sandy Hook happened when Republicans were in control of Congress. Obama had used up all his political capital on healthcare. And McConnell made it clear that his only job was to stop whatever Obama wanted to do.

    The president recommends legislation and ultimately signs or vetos. But Congress actually controls the process.

    Sure he could have tried an executive order but remember what happened when he wore a tan-suit? Imagine him trying to take “mericans guns?

    The biggest problem is money. Gun manufacturers have money they willingly spend to ensure people are as free as possible to buy their product. There is no well organized and well funded opposition. Maybe if we could get some sort of coalition of non-fire-arms based weapons makers … knives, poisons, bow/arrow, lead pipes – your typical catalog of whodunit options.

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    There was legislation that was voted on that never stood a chance of passing.

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    Can people stop bashing on Obama? You do know how Congress works?

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    Trump ruthlessly INSTANTLY railroaded through so much shit. The Dems need to learn a damn thing or two. Yet never ever do.

    Obama had the White House and BOTH Houses at the start of his Presidency. Yet nothing lasting or important happened wlas far as gun control legislation. And look where we are.

    Now we have a majority. (Again!) It’s a mighty slim one —- but it’s still a majority. But (once again!) NOTHING will happen regarding control. Nothing. Just wait.

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