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    avatarPart-time Lurker

    Pence won’t be alone with a woman because of the optics, but he never once considered the extremely poor optics of staying at a Trump hotel in Ireland 3 hours from where his meetings take place…….

    Also, if you want to see family during a business trip you travel from the place of business to your family at your own expense, you don’t do it the other way around and ask your employer to pick up the tab. {Sigh}

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    The sheer level of corruption is increasingly LESS hard for me to believe as it is simply now 100% total. EVERYTHING that administration does is 100% pure total corruption.
    What I truly find increasingly hard to believe is that NOBODY on the Right cares. Worse, that nobody on the left actually reacts aside from useless handwringing…

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    And by LEFT, I mean our elected officials…

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    Haha, that’s what you can’t believe right now?

    It’s said that Trump and Pence have been feuding all year, and Trump’s family (Javanka) are trying to get him to drop Pence. So I think staying at his golf course was like sucking up to The Godfather. Whatever that’s called in the mafia, there’s a name for it.

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    The sheer hypocrisy is astounding. Pence goes to the detention centers, where they are trying to argue to keep children in cages indefinitely. Are refusing to educate them, give them soap or toothpaste and he says it’s all “fine” then pats himself on the back because he’s a “man of faith”.

    The cognitive dissonance between what the evangelicals preach and how they behave is astounding.

    As has been said before – imagine if Obama had five children by three wives and a known adulterer and assaulter. Not to mention you know that Trump must have sent a few women to the abortionist over the decades.

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    avatarMiss MJ

    Trump has admitted that wanted Marla to abort Tiffany.


    You can’t reason with or expect reasonableness from a cult, which is what Trump supporters and the GOP basically are, at this point. I’ve stopped being surprised. Disgusted? Every damned day. But shocked or surprised? No.

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    avatarPart-time Lurker

    I never imagined that our presidency could devolve into such a complete and utter third-world, Persian bazar spectacle. I’m so enraged some days that …….ugh. Words that can be repeated out loud fail me.

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    Aborting ANY of the Trump spawn would have been a good and solid plan. Hell, I am still all for a “total post birth abortion” for each and every Trump.

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    What reason is this post on an advice page….?

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    This is on a chat page which isn’t an advice page.

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