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This is a gay post about what should I do about my crush

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    (Ignore grammatical mistakes) Okay so someback story, I started liking this girl a few months ago and I learned that she was dating one of my female friends. I didn’t care at the time cause I never rlly had feelings before, Me and my crush are kinda best friends now and idk what to do. Back to the present, So I wanna tell my friend how I feel but that couldn’t get me killed by her gf( she is also bisexual) and our friendship would be ruined I think. Should I tell her or never tell her and avoid me tons of stress. Sorry for this gay ass post I just can’t talk to anyone about it cause I don’t think my parents support +LGBTQ and my friends are my crush’s friends. Don’t attack me for being a gay boiiii. :3 also don’t be super harsh cause again my crush is my best friend

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    Don’t express feelings for someone who is in a relationship with someone else. You “started liking her” a few months ago and she was already with someone. You need to wait and do nothing until such time as she’s not with her girlfriend anymore. Sorry, but it’s not okay to try to break up a couple, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone to do that to you.

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    Wait. I’m confused. If you are a gay boi and your friend is a female — what exactly is your intention anyway?

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    What should you do? Nothing. You don’t try to break a couple up. She’s not available.

    You’re right in thinking that it will wreck your friendship with this girl if you tell her how you feel. It’s putting pressure on her to make you feel better, and it’s not her job to help you manage your feelings.

    So how do *you* manage your feelings? You may have to take a step back from the friendship, if it hurts too much to be around her. But, like all crushes, it’ll fade with time. Try to keep busy, it helps.

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    No one here is going to attack you for being gay, so don’t apologize for who you are.

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    It doesn’t sound like he is gay; he’s a boy interested in a girl. It’s a confusing post — as I read it, either the girl he has a crush on or that girl’s current gf is gay and the other one of them is bi.

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    I don’t think your sexuality or gender matters here.

    What matters is that your crush is in a relationship with another person, and seemingly has given you no indication that she reciprocates your romantic feelings.

    Therefore, it would be inappropriate of you to put your feelings for her out there.

    Wait until if and when she’s single and seems to be reciprocating your interest.

    Until then, your options are to be a platonic friend to her in good faith, or if that’s too difficult for you, fade out on the friendship for your own mental well-being.

    Pursuing her or confessing your feelings to her is not an option, at the moment.

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    I took that as a derogatory use of the word.

    Which brings me to, don’t use “gay” as an insult. It’s not cool. I’m sure your gay friends probably don’t appreciate it.

    Otherwise, don’t do anything. You can’t encroach on a friend’s partner. That’s not okay. It’s the opposite of being a friend. Focus on other things and hopefully you’ll meet someone else. You can’t control how you feel, but you can control how you act.

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    For those, like me, who hadn’t seen the term gay boi before.

    A gay boi is a person that isn’t gay but acts similar or like a girl.

    Like the rest have already said. Your friend is in a relationship so you leave them alone. You don’t try to break up a relationship just because you have a crush. If she is a lesbian then the odds are she will never be interested in you in a romantic way. If she is bi then maybe she would see you that way but often a crush is one-sided.

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    Okay, knowing that, let’s not use “gay” in a derogatory way like you did here AKB, to describe the post and yourself. That’s not cool.

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