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Dear Wendy

This whole Trump situation just gets worse and worse everyday

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    I feel like I’m drowning in it all

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    avatarDear Wendy

    I’m right there with you. It’s hard to stay positive.

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    Sometimes very bad things need to come to the surface so they can be recognized and dealt with. We need to be prepared for this, as more is to come. It’s scary, but probably needs to happen.

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    Trump seriously pissed off US Intel by sticking to the Kremlin’s line of “this is ridiculous! It was Wikileaks that hacked the DNC!” So, wait for more and be strong.

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    It is horrible from across the pond, I’m so sorry.. I love how our little toad Farage is trying to be his best friend! Birds of a feather…

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    Whoa, I just read about the Russians and the hotel room. Gross.

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    I know…

    Here’s what my mom emailed me this morning, regarding the report:

    “The intelligence report is “unsubstaniated.” They say it has been circulating for a couple of months at least, but no intelligence organization and no news organization has been able to substantiate its claims, though they’ve tried. The thing is – 1. the author of the report is considered a credible source by the intelligence community. 2. Trump himself, and his son, have both been recorded talking about their connection with Russian oligarchs and with Putin, in the past, though Trump tried to walk that back during the campaign. 3. The connection of people in his campaign with Russia (Manafort in particular) is well established. 4. the Republican platform that was prepared for the convention did take a decidedly pro-Russia stance though no-one has admitted how that happened. 5. We know from his own words that Trump is a lecherous guy with a regressed debased school-boy idea about sex. So even though “unsubstantiated” it all adds up.”

    She also said, “a good citizen has to stay focused and alert and open and listen and try to make sense based on some principles.”

    That’s all we can do.

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    Yes, I think it speaks volumes that it is so believable… Regardless if it is, it says a lot about Trump and his reputation both domestically and internationally.

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    I live in Chicago and didn’t camp out for tickets to Obama’s farewell speech because I was too afraid to be in a place that might be a target for some level of violence. I’m reading the transcript of his speech now (watching it is too hard too hard) and sobbing my way through it. I feel like with the whole political atmosphere I’m losing my faith in humanity. Hoping to see people continue to wake up, engage, and fight back harder than ever.

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    Stay strong, everyone. Take a break if necessary. There is no point in allowing your internal-well-being to be crushed by information which is not new nor likely to be an immediate threat to you as an organism.

    One way to stay strong and healthy is remember that all that is in your control is what is occurring right NOW, not later or soon or in the past. Obviously, this isn’t to encourage anyone to check out, but rather to encourage people to operate from their “wisest” part when one observes themselves to be physically and emotionally stressed over parts of reality they don’t have any immediate control over.

    Hugs, if you want them. I don’t believe the GOP or conservatives will ultimately take on such conflicts of the interest of our country without scrutiny or judgement.

    Homework to those who choose to accept. Reach out to three people in your life who are on the opposite aisle as you. Ask them if they are willing to listen to you and your concerns about United States foreign and domestic policy being influenced by conflicts of interest. Remember there is no evidence of the rumors circulating around. Stick to what you know and what is real. Be gracious and thankful if someone is generous enough to offer their time and support to you despite their position. Be willing to open yourself up to conversations which make you feel anxious because it is worth it to share truth with someone else. This is just a thought about action which can be taken to feel more connected with others as United States Citizens with a common interest of our union’s strength and well-being. DO THIS IN PERSON.

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    It should be remembered that about half the electorate thinks he’s great. So maybe that’s the real problem. How can half a country thinks Trump behavior is good leadership?

    In their defense, closing the doors to the world means less supply of cheap labor and hopefully more high paying jobs (or a recession due to slumping trade on the back of trade wars but they don’t bring that up). Seeing the stagnation of the middle class, the growth of the 1% Trumps line of thinking isn’t as crazy as it looks (even if it doesn’t work. And maybe to remove it off the table it needs to be tried and seen failed. That said, with the hopes that it does turn to WW III)

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    Please keep BS detectors engaged. It is easy to believe negative allegations about people you hate. Many liberal journalists have criticized release of these allegations as unsubstantiated. They have been circulating among journalists for months and no reputable journalist has been able to verify them.

    There are a number of errors in the report and 4chan is claiming credit for instigating the hotel…activities…rumor late last year, among other things. If liberals go all in on these allegations and they are not proven, it will discredit opposition to Trump and distract from substantive opposition to his policies. For example, few will pay attention to confirmation hearings or proposed legislation when this is going on.

    There are a number of avenues that can be quietly investigated to add credit-ability to the allegations. For example, Cohen has denied ever being in Prague, where he was alleged to have met with Russian officials. This should be easy to prove. Also, was Trump ever even at the hotel in question? This could be documented as well.

    These are the kind of allegations that could distract and discredit opposition to Trump much like the birth certificate issues and obsession with various minor scandals of the day that voters didn’t care about distracted conservatives from effective opposition to Obama. In the end, unless there is clear, actual evidence released connecting Trump to Russian subversion, Trump will likely be judged on his performance in office and the country’s economy and foreign policy successes or failures. I would expect there to be plenty of ammunition in those areas for opponents.


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