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This whole Trump situation just gets worse and worse everyday

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    I used to not like Warren, but she has grown on me. I’d vote for her. However, I’m one of those people Fyodor is talking about. I don’t think a woman will beat Trump.

    I was home a couple of weeks ago for my niece’s birthday. People still like Trump. Not just like-LOVE. Even farmer’s. Thank god my town of origin is in IL, so will still be blue in the election despite the down state Trump supporters.

    The husband thinks Mayor Pete is using this election as his starting off point to become the next Indiana Governor, kind of like a big F U to Pence.

    So to MissD’s original Q, I really don’t know who I’m for. The Democratic machine is doing a really shitty job of finding a candidate the entire constituency can get behind. They’ve had a couple years. Come on already.

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    There are no choices I love, but assuming that she’s still in contention when my late-in-schedule state rolls around, I’m voting for Warren.

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    You know, it pains me to say this but I don’t think Trump is an imbecile. He knows exactly how to distract the media and all the candidates into reacting to whatever real or imagined travesty he’s made. He’s made the right very happy. He’s the perfect figurehead while they dismantle the government and install the absolute worst. Like Devos, Perdue, etc.

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    I think he is spectacularly dumb, if you read anything about his business days he’s definitely more fail than triumph, however he knows which buttons to push to stoke the flames because that’s what he grew up with and that’s who he’s surrounding himself with now. Trump couldn’t handle anything on his own but I see him kind of like a feral dog, his handlers know exactly when to let him off leash.

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    He’s dumb as fuck. An idiot. If karma was real.. all of the Trumps would long be dead. Brutally butchered alive. One by one. But no.

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    I think he’s cognitively dumb as fuck, but is good with branding and spin. He’s definitely not *intelligent*

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    I don’t think he’s smart, but I don’t think he’s the idiot we wish he was. If he were a spectacular failure as president, I’d be happy. He’s made his base and supporters very happy. At this rate, I honestly think he will be in office for a second term. I wished things were different, but hate is good for business, apparently.

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    I don’t believe he will ever leave office. He LOVES dictators. Wants to become one. The Republicunts certainly wouldn’t object to this either. The end is near, friends. The end is near. Very, very near.

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    I’ve not read the whole thread, but watching all the news reports about Trump, over here in the Uk, i can’t help but wonder, how he was voted in as President, and why is it that so many Americans still aprove of him ?
    And now we’ve got our own problem leader with BorisJohnson. He announced this morning, that he wanta to close Parliament down for few weeks, that will give him the opportunity to squeeze his Brexit plans through, without having to agree with the rest of Parliament, who are against him. He’s acting like the tin-pot ruler of some third wotld Country, and it seems despite all the protests, he’s getting away with it. I’m sure the whole world must be laughing at us. Him and Trump, so alike.

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    It’s really quite simple. Many Americans are simply sexist, racist, and well… horrifyingly dumb.

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    People are really good at lying to themselves. Some people are in it for the money (they think all of the roll backs of regulations will be good for their small businesses). Most don’t think they’re racist, misogynists or bigots… but they are. And yes, a lot of them are just stupid.

    Boris … how the fuck he got the job confuses the fuck out of me.

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    There is a sizeable group of Americans who have traditionally worked blue-collar jobs like factory work, construction and mining. Those jobs didn’t come back very well after the last recession so that group is still hurting financially and they have begun to feel like they will never get back to a life with a living wage. The Republican party has fed on their anger, especially Trump. Right wing media keeps telling these people that they would have good jobs if Mexicans didn’t steal their jobs and if their jobs weren’t shipped off to China. They are eating up racist media day in and day out. So they cheer at the idea of a wall and they cheer at tariffs on Chinese imports but they aren’t getting jobs in chicken factories and the factories located in China aren’t coming back. Coal mines are still closing despite Trumps relaxing of environmental laws. Farmers are going bankrupt because of the tariffs.

    There are others who are willing to overlook everything Trump stands for as long as he gives them the judges they want on the Supreme Court. Their entire goal is to force their religion on the country, including outlawing abortion and teaching Christianity, especially fundamentalist protestant Christianity, in public schools.

    The wealthy don’t care what happens because they got their tax breaks. They can always easily pick up and live somewhere else if things get too bad here. They don’t care if the federal deficit balloons.

    The Republicans don’t care if democracy is destroyed as long as they stay in power.

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