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This whole Trump situation just gets worse and worse everyday

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    Here is a great post I found off of an amazing Reddit group (r/VoteBlue)

    [–]Iowa 15 points 4 hours ago

    I think we worry too much about Trump’s supporters more than we worry about getting new voters and energizing current voters. Yeah, sure, his base is gonna always be energized. I honestly don’t think they can get more energized. But we also get energized and we have a personal stake in the matter. Women’s rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights, healthcare, worrying about our democratic institutions. That all goes away if Trump wins again. I feel like that should motivate the #$%^ out of us.

    [–] WI-5 6 points 2 hours ago

    I agree with this. Although I think he’s pretty much hit his voter ceiling, and demographic change, motivation, and other factors should favor us, I keep telling myself that even if none of those things changed at all we would still only need to activate 100,000 more of our voters across 3 great lakes states. And I have my goals set to do way, way better than that.

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    Trump isn’t just a product of sexism. I’d argue it’s racism. White women voted for him more than Hillary because at the end of the day you’re more beholden to your race than your sex. Me and every other WOC is leery of white women because we know how committed white women are to white supremacy.

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    Wendy I know it’s been awhile since you’ve posted favorites but I think these should be on the list

    Their spices are amazing!

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    Whatsername3: But, Hillary Clinton is white so Trump voters didn’t oppose her because of her race. The margin of victory (really more than the margin) in 2016 was Obama voters who either voted for Trump or stayed home. A lot of these were white voters — they voted for a black male, but not for a white woman. It’s not fair for me to say it that starkly, because there were reasons apart from her sex for people to not vote Clinton after voting Obama: they were unhappy with how little their lives improved under Obama, Clinton was Secretary of State for Obama but couldn’t stop saying how much tougher than Obama she would be on virtually every foreign policy issue, Clinton did not interact well in large groups of potential supporter, Clinton was manifestly corrupt, after GWB voters were pretty sick of family dynasties. But… Trump, for all his violation of sexual and social and religious moral norms did best among the more religious of every faith (broadly grouped). This was very true of white evangelicals, where he scored bigger than GWB, who is a white evangelical, Catholics, Jews, other Protestants, and just other (except none). Why? Conservative religious groups explicitly (as in the case of white evangelicals) or by example (Catholics and very orthodox Jews) teach that women should not be in charge of men or teachers/deciders of moral values, as a president obviously must be. There were many who would automatically disqualify her for being a woman. Next to atheism, I believe that is currently the highest percentage disqualification for a fairly long list of polled demographic characteristics, I think I saw a poll saying voters would sooner vote for a gay man for president than for a straight woman. Of course, Republicans have been putting out the lie for years claiming Hillary is really a lesbian, who has simply been married most of her life because of… wanting to get ahead. Of course, doesn’t square at all with old film clips of a young Hillary who was clearly totally impressed by and in love with a young Bill.

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    7% blacks and 8% women voted less for Hillary than for Obama.

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    The end will NEVER come. Rise up, America. Rise the fuck up.

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    Thought on election results?

    Let’s all volunteer to register voters for 2020 elections!

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    And down goes Roger Stone… convicted on all 7 counts.

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    Ugghhh. I know this thread hasn’t been super active, but, I just had my office Christmas party that included a white elephant and one of the gifts was a 10 foot vinyl sign featuring Hillary behind bars with devil ears that said “Lock Her Up”. At an office Christmas party. We are a large, billion dollar, international organization. We are not a mom and pop. This occurred in the corporate headquarters in a large city, in a conference room, during work hours. I know the industry skews conservative and much of the leadership leans that way, but I am just blindsided and really disturbed. It seemed that almost everyone thought it was HILARIOUS and saw fit to make political comments. I made note of the people who did that and will be sure to only interact with them professionally as needed. I was already having some issues with the amount of travel I’ve been doing (started my job 6 months ago) and this honestly has me questioning the culture here and whether this is a good fit for me. Am I overreacting? I don’t think an office holiday game is the time to make political statements, and this was just…wow. What do you guys think?

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    Guest that’s totally inappropriate! I’d be royally pissed.

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    I don’t think you’re overreacting. There are other reasons you’re worried about the fit and this would turn a lot of people off. It’s really inappropriate.

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    Guest I feel like that is something you should be able to talk to HR about. It’s offensive and inappropriate. If the situation were reversed it would still hold true. Ugh.

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