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Dear Wendy

This whole Trump situation just gets worse and worse everyday

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    And now we started yet another war in the Middle East, all to detract from the impeachment proceedings.

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    I have stopped caring. There is no point. Caring truly accomplishes nothing. Nothing.

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    On a note of positivity here is a interesting way to volunteer

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    Clearly, there is…

    No God.
    No hope.
    No promise.
    And certainly no future.

    The Republic is truly dead. This will not end well. Hell, it’s not ever going to end. Period.

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    I posted this in one of Wendy’s posts but also think it could be useful here. Times are tough.

    Two points:

    1. I live in fear about 45 being re-elected. Each time I have a panic attack I sign up for a get out to vote initiative. If I can do something that will convince at minimum 1 person to vote dem I will be happy. For those of you who are interested in joining in the effort these are the ones I have signed up for:
    -mom rising
    -vote forward
    -specific candidate post card drives. I use the votedem subreddit for these targeted efforts
    -texting drives (very easy and you are not using your personal number)
    -signed up to be an election worker. Due to covid there is a huge shortage of workers. With less workers that means less polling stations for voters. This can lead to discouraging voters to show up.

    2. I read votedem on reddit everyday. It gives me hope that there are people doing everything they can to help Biden and encouraging to vote blue down the ballot. Highly suggest visiting. And here is another article which gives me hope and motivates me to keep doing what I can:

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    I share your fears and concerns.

    More — I think the Left is playing right into Trump’s orange puny little hands. Four years ago, I grimly knew Trump would win. But I never thought his time in office would even survive one term. Yet alone win re-election…

    Now I fear it might damn well last into three or four.

Viewing 6 posts - 949 through 954 (of 954 total)
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