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This whole Trump situation just gets worse and worse everyday

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    Polls don’t actually lie, I have to say this as a market researcher. The polls were basically right in 2016, within the margin of error. And you can read up on 538 about things pollsters have done this time around to be even more accurate.

    538 had Trump with a 28% chance of winning last time. That’s more than one-in-four. More than the chances of pulling a Spade from a deck of cards. That’s… not too bad. And yeah, he very narrowly won.

    This time he’s got about a 1-in-6 chance (or one in 8 I guess?). He could absolutely still win. And the models can’t totally accurately account for voter turnout in a pandemic. But things do look a lot different this time. HRC NEVER had this kind of double digit lead or got over 50%.

    Anyway, polls don’t lie, there is a decent chance he can win, yada yada.

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    Regardless of polls, still, VOTE! Don’t give anyone a chance to contest the results. Make the win big!!

    I honestly wouldn’t waste my time trying to convince a Trump supporter to vote Biden. People on the fence or who are considering third party or who don’t see the point in voting… yes, absolutely talk to them!!

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    Same here – trying to talk to a trump supporter is like trying to talk to a brick wall. No need to waste my breath on trying to change their mind.

    We turned in our votes yesterday at a ballot drop off box!!!!

    I’m dreading the election though. Even if Biden wins it’s going to be a total shit show.

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    The husband is looking out our ballots now. We had to check out all the judges. I need to fill out this week and hand in.

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    Okay, maybe polls don’t lie, but people saw those polls and thought Trump would lose and didn’t vote.

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    I voted yesterday in person with my husband.

    People didn’t vote for the reason you stated, @Anonymousse, but also (really, truly) because there was a very effective Russian disinformation campaign against Hillary, and/or they couldn’t deal with this “entitled” woman thinking she should be the next president, and also fucking Jim Comey with his last-minute bullshit. Biden is less vulnerable to a lot of that crap, but you never know.

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    I hope November goes well. But I have nothing but grave doubts.

    Other news: I am back in the desert today. Much of the planted desert survived both the endless heat and my long absence. Meaning not much water. Honestly? I thought this would cheer up. But nope. It’s increasingly clear to me that nothing can cheer me up. Nothing.

    I have an awful, awful birthday tomorrow and the looming shadow of it has spiraled me deep into the bell jar. Honestly? If there was a merciful God, I’d just drop dead in the next five minutes.

    But there is no God. Merciful or otherwise. Oh well.

    Hang in there everybody.

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    I have two older cousins who just posted a photo at the Trump rally today. I just cannot with people who look at this man like a leader and think he’s been a President. Who don’t see every single fault he has (of which there are SO MANY). The irony is the cousin who is the most staunch supporter is one who 1) makes average wage; 2) has a half-Mexican son. She doesnt go to church. She didnt even graduate high school way back when.
    My other cousin is a ‘Christian values’ mother of 6, married to a doctor who is homeschooling all 6 of her children. Her 3 youngest were with her today, 15, 13 and 10. The 3 oldest she’s brainwashed so hard with Fox News that only one, I feel, has a chance to come out normal.
    It’s truly concerning seeing anyone support this guy. I dont know what is going to happen in a few weeks, but holy heck, i’m nervous.

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