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This whole Trump situation just gets worse and worse everyday

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    Everything @kate said. This was not a “hey, let’s go storm the Captitol and see what happens” thing. This was planned and executed. The reason more people weren’t captured and killed is because they acted fast and they all weren’t where they were supposed to be. They had dispersed to argue Arizona. It made exiting to safety easier. If the terrorists had been a little sooner, it would have been much worse.

    EDT: If you live in a major urban area, especially one that leans blue, or a state capital I’d stay home on the 20th. I don’t think this is over yet. I hope I’m proven wrong, but I’d err in the side of caution.

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    Yeah, they’re not done.

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    Far from it. That real mass tragedy was averted last week shall be all our undoing. Few in DC are taking things seriously enough for my taste. Everybody is shockingly naive.

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    They are absolutely not done. The FBI had a call with police chiefs from all over the country that said in short: Protect your statehouses, protect your governors and protect your lawmakers because white nationalists are coming out in force.

    Some police are not going to take this seriously.

    I’m sure there were a few people who were like “Yah! Let’s march” and then got caught up in the furor. I have no sympathy for them. When push came to shove, they pushed and they shoved. They had the option to walk away.

    I have been kept awake by thoughts of how the crowd literally beat a man to death with an American flag pole and more disturbing, what did they think they were going to do when they found legislators? They weren’t going to just lock Pelosi in a closet. Do the Republicans think they would have been spared? Sure, Pelosi, AOC, Pressley are easily recognizable targets, but the Republicans aren’t walking around with sandwich boards that say “R” on each side and even then, these delusional mofos would simply assume they are Dems in disguise and shoot them anyway.

    And for the Republicans who are scared for their families and voted out of fear to challenge the vote (or not impeach now) – they should resign immediately and some who still believe these lies (Looking at you Jordan) they should be jailed.

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    He’s gone! He’s out of the white house.

    Let the lawsuits begin.

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    Woo Hoo! A weight has truly been lifted.

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