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    This woman isn’t going to go easily. She stayed with her sibling until they got so fed up they dumped her out and somehow she got your husband to let her in. She won’t leave until you push her and her clothes out the door. She isn’t going to patch things up with the property manager and move back in with them. That situation is done and over. Now she wants to drag out the current situation as long as possible. This woman lives off of other people. She has shown you that she has no intention of leaving. She has no intention of collecting social security. She may not have any way to collect social security. She may have never paid into it. If she worked it may have always been for cash and she didn’t report it. She doesn’t want to be independent. She intends to live with you. Talk to the property manager about changing the locks on your door, if she has a key, and when the locks are changed you put her and her clothes outside and lock the door. She probably never leaves the apartment just so that you can’t lock her out. When she is telling you that she lives off of the generosity of others she means it. She has no backup plan. She has no other way to live.

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    At this point, you might not be able to make her leave. You might have to go through the courts to evict her, which is a pricey and lengthy process. It will depend on what country and/or state you are in.

    My cousin lives in TN and had a boyfriend that kept a tooth brush at her house and a few odds and ends at her house. It turns out he was evicted for not paying rent, got a storage unit for his stuff and was living with her. He got abusive, she called the cops and wanted him gone. The cops removed him for the domestic incident but said he could come back because he had stuff there. Even after only a few weeks, she couldn’t because of his stuff being there had to evict him which was about a $500 and a 3 month process.

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    I think it’s likely that the “property manager” are the in-laws and the woman is a relative of the husbands (sister, cousin, etc.). It would explain a lot of things.

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    I’m with k$, don’t try to reason with her, be angry. Put her stuff outside and lock the door. Have a box ready so when she whines that she left her toothbrush or ratty comb, you can put it in the box and hand it to her through the door.
    Better yet, let your husband deal with her outside. Lock the door and only let him in when she’s gone.
    I’m being extreme to get you worked up. This is nonsense. Don’t put up with it for another minute.

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    Garbage bags would be my choice. Nice, heavy, contractor bags but it would send the message loud and clear how you view this person.

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